21 September 2007

Ozzy-mandius of Egypt

Isn't Shirley's 'Khumbeu' cute? The Fedora of my ancestors. She really likes it. And I must admit hat and wearer looks like they were made for each other. Could it be that Shirley is one of my long-dead ancestors reborn? Thinking much about reincarnation these past couple of days :-)

AAaarrghhh! It's review season - the season of nightmares, deadlines, and unappeasable appetites. That's what kickstarts the goofing-off ball. You do anything and everything except all that you're supposed to do! I'm either stressed out or having the time of my life or too tired I can't keep my eyes open all the time. Any one of those three.

*Tip: Soft toys, soft birds induce a peaceful mind.
I have tons of reviews to write, so much so that I can't write anymore (Nags, you know what I'm on about). I just came back from a 2 hour lunch (Barbeque Nation's lunch buffet - free beer and your very own barbeque kit on your table). I already wasted the whole morning building paper ships during meetings. I piled candies on it and smiled at my candy-laden ship while everyone else looks grave with serious business matters. It's the ship that will take me to Holland and will take me sailing over the sands of Egypt. That's what I think about during meetings. That's what I think about at night!

I'm losing it. Iwannagohomeandsleepsleepsleepsleep.

*Tip: Stress-buster of the day: Bite off birds' heads. Yum.


Almost Unreal said...

off topic

tunah hian rilru na leh thinrimin ka om mek a ni, lolzzz

Jinx said...

Hets! I 'khumbeu' ziah chu ka chhiar sual nasa ngei mai.A sap tawngin kan chhiar phet chu le...pic ka en a, ka hrechhuak ve chiah...:P

"You do anything and everything except all that you're supposed to do!"
-Same here :(

Macabreday said...

ohhh well..in that case, why dont you just message me on myspace and end my agonizing wait for the ozzman to message me :)

i can atleast say that the one who bit the head off the bird, messaged me...!!!

Jerusha said...

unreal - will call you.

jinx - LOL saptawng a khumbei I ti ri hriat a chakawm ngei mai :-)

And good to know I'm not the only one being irresponsible!

Jerusha said...

mac - good idea, and you wouldn't even be lying, whats your myspace username? :D

Jinx said...

lolz..fortunately didn't read it aloud...haha. Other thing that came to mind was that it must be from other languages (French, Italian etc)but just didn't expect the word to be Mizo...:))

Nags said...

since there were no birds around, i bit a teddy's head. blaah, so what if they are cute!!

Jerusha said...

yeah nags, I agree, when you're not feeling cutesy, all cute things annoy the life out of you!