06 September 2007

Guess what!!

Jens Johansson wrote to me!!!!

Well, it doesn't matter that it was just one line and he was just being nice to ardent fans I guess, but I don't care. It may not seem like much but it means a great deal to me. A personal MySpace message from one of the Stratovarius guys. Wow! It's so eff-ing fantastic!
I've been hunting each member down on MySpace. I never really expected anything. Just to see who their friends are, read their stuffs, their blog entries, and everything that I've seen's just made me admire the guys more. They all sound so down to earth. Now I can admire them as musicians and as human beings.

Yesterday, we saw Timo Tolkki glowing online. Shirley and I just stared at the screen, sighing "Can you believe Timo Tolkki is there, sitting in front of the computer, logged on to MySpace right now? Wow!!"

In some ways, I think I deserve that little message. I've introduced and turned many people into Strato fans :-P You know that's not an easy thing to do in a country like India where metal's never been popular. Anyway, that's all. Think I'll go and brag some more. I've told everyone on my floor, now I'm going up to the 6th, 7th, and 8th floors to tire everyone's ears out.

UPDATE: Timo Kotipelto also just wrote back to me! Yayyy! Best day in months!!

UPDATE: 1:06 PM, 7th Sept. Lauri Porra replied to the message I sent him last night. He wrote:

Hi jerusha,

thank you for your kind words. they made me happy


(I swiped this pic off some site, I hope I'm not doing anything illegal!)

t was while Googling for Lauri that I found their MySpace pages. Lauri is so hot but I'm not going to go into that. I read what he wrote about VIP tickets on his blog and that was enough to make me see him beyond hotness. I remembered the VIP-ticket-holding-smirking people at the Aerosmith concert and how painful it was watching them being herded in before you when you'd been standing there for HOURS.

We are all good human beings. Doing unto each other and all that. Anthropos! I'm so-o crunked.


Anonymous said...

Good Job Girl ! I am proud of you !

- God. (yes ! its me ! )

Nags said...

hmm not a metal fan, havent heard of the band, please dont shoot me!

Jerusha said...

anonymous - what a surprise. It feels damn good to have god feeling proud of me!

nags - won't shoot but will have to start bombarding you with emails and pings. Am on a new mission.

Almost Unreal said...

gee.....are you sure?, lolzzzz

happy for you

tell them I *winked* at them :D

Jerusha said...

unreal - sure I am sure. Send me a pic of you winking, we can send it to them :)

mnowluck said...

me registering to myspace.com ... hmphf hmphf.. hehe

Macabreday said...

how is Stratovarius?, i wanna ask..but not going to :) Just kidding..!!
however i wish ozzy would reply to me... am still waiting... now u have given me hope :)

Jerusha said...

mnow - ***gasp**** you are going to? As in the future tense??!!! Don't you know not having a profile on MySpace in this day and age is utterly primitive!? hahah kiddding, but yeah, I suggest you go register. Look for me there, add me, also check out my top friends :)

Jerusha said...

mac - is that in MySpace as well? regular email? snail mail? I'm not sure Ozzy's the type to write one line thank you notes :-) too busy biting heads off poor winged creatures!

mnowluck said...

yup jeru, To be frank. i don't like the layout of myspace, and oops n`ly 4got to mention the spams there...i was once a registered member, with the nick and ID i could no longer remember :D

I meet most of my frens on hi5 and orkut. so it suffice.. and i don't love networking sites!.. if not to meet some exciting ppl out there

Macabreday said...

yeaa..it was in myspace...when i used to be active there...not anymore...also tried tro the official site..no luck.... i wouldnt mind him biting my head off, if thats what it would take

sawmpuia said...

a bawn bottle tawp... :-)

Jerusha said...

mnow - I know what you mean. I don't like it much either, only active once in a while when I have specific reasons for logging in. Don't even like hi5 and Orkut either. But guess it pays to stick your nose in all things :)

Jerusha said...

mac - very faithful Ozzy fan huh? I'm glad I'm not, it would have broken my heart to not have my msg replied to (NOT!) Keep trying, maybe he's too busy hunting bats and he'll reply once he gets back :-)

Jerusha said...

sawmpui - a lawm nan chaw ei ah min lo sawm la :P