18 July 2006

Words of Wisdom

Not sleepy. Story of my life! Bored out of my wits. Blogspot URLs banned. There we were talking about the necessity of banning chocolates & tattoos & oysters, and Big Brother merrily skips over the real evils and decide to ban..blogspot? Strangely, it's failed to tick me off. I really don't care as long as they quit fucking around soon.
I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and have drawn the following conclusions:
- There should be more to life other than just sitting inside a fancy building in front of a fancy computer sipping coffee all day long.

- I want to dye my hair green.

- It's not healthy to have one's whole life revolve around the computer.

- The best way to really, truly feel free is to take all your clothes off. If you often feel oppressed and suffocated, hang around your apartment naked. Without the restraints of unneccessary clothing. Aaah..bliss! There are friends of mine who've told me they can't even take a shower naked! Now how crazy is that? My friend Shalini asked me once what I wear when I sleep, I told her. She almost fainted, 'Jeri, this is NOT America!!', she gasped. So??!! Anyway, it comes easy to me. A lingering legacy of my naked, tribal ancestors perhaps!

- Most people don't know it, but brushing teeth is a good feel-good factor. Brushing, and flossing too. If you feel funny and can't decide where the funniness stems from, just go brush your teeth or floss, or both. Days when I get to stay home all day, I brush my teeth like a dozen times a day. Sit my butt down and do some serious business with dental floss. I swear they up my mood, lift my spirits a little. And you could die any minute, and it's better to die with clean teeth.

- I'm in love with a memory. It sucks. Time to move on.

- If you really love chocolate, you should eat as much of it as you want to. Life's too short to diet.

- If you're smoking, time to quit. Life's already too short to shorten it further. I'm gonna quit.

- Nail polish - don't ever buy Maybelline's colorama's baby pink polish. It doesn't dry. Leave it on forever, it still won't dry.

- If you're in a place you don't like much, leave. Waste of time trying to make yourself love something or someone.

- If a guy says he loves you but seems cold and distant all the time, kiss his sorry ass goodbye! It also applies if he's tired all the time. It also applies if you want to spend some time with him and all he wants to do is sleep. It also applies if he throws a fit when you go out without him and have some fun. And the only reason you went out without him in the first place is because he's always working/busy/tired/down with the flu/just don't feel like it.

- If you feel bloated but hoping you don't look as bloated as you feel, you probably look worse than you feel. If you think you look like an old hag, you probably do. If you think a guy likes you, he probably does. If you think he don't(/you're not sure/he seems to like you sometimes and sometimes not), he probably don't. At least, not in that way. You're just a good buddy.

- Honesty is NOT always the best policy. Example: If you've cheated on someone you don't want to lose, lie. Best policy my ass. If someone comes and tells you otherwise, shoot him/her! Damn damn damn..why didn't anyone tell me this sooner? Henceforth, I am going to slather every sentence that comes out of my mouth with lies. To save my skin. To butter up people. To save a relationship. To save a whale or a panda. For the cause of humanity. But mostly to save a relationship.

- I want my mother.
I'm not all that grown-up as I thought I was. I can't handle life as well as I thought I could.


MockingBird said...

Another insomniac? Feels good to know I’m not the only one ;) This is a very insightful post, Sundancer.

There should be more to life :: I'm totally with you on this one. Just can’t figure out what it is!
Green hair? :: Lol! Just in case you’re serious about this one, contact the Bald Headed Hermit. He’s tried all the colours of the rainbow [including green] on his hair and come out of it unscathed. And no, contrary to his screen name, he’s not bald ;)
Life revolving around a computer :: Funny how we depend on a computer for everything!
Naturalism :: I’m totally with you on this one too :)
Brush/Floss Therapy :: Hmm… I gotta try this.
Memories :: They have this tendency to reopen wounds. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.
Life’s too short to diet :: A woman after my own heart
Quit smoking :: Life’s too short anyway so why deny ourselves the pleasure?
Nail polish :: I prefer the natural look these days, which means I’m too lazy to put on nail polish :p
He throws a fit when you go out without him and have some fun :: I dated someone like that once. Needless to say I dumped him soon after.

virgochhas said...

Not sleepy - tell me something new

Bored out of my wits - yea yea

Blogspot URLs banned - sucks .. Right to Information Act, datz wat we have ... sala...

There should be more to life - Amen

color my hair green - the only colour ived ever wanted...tried it once and it came one blonde (yuck)

It's not healthy to have one's whole life revolve around the computer - shut up....

The best way to really, truly feel free is to take all your clothes off - I swear

I'm in love with a memory - welcoem to the club

Life's too short to diet. - never undestood teh concept of dieting

If you're smoking, time to quit - bleh!

Nail polish - i never paint my nails...

If you're in a place you don't like much, leave - i cant..i wish i can...

about the guy thingy - if u love him,stay...no body's perfect - he is nobody.... :D

If you've cheated on someone you don't want to lose, lie - not mentioning dose'nt mean lying...itz just dat u did'nt mention...

just because things did not turn out well dose'nt mean dat ur stupid or immature...

chin up, lady...

Sundancer said...

Bird & Virgo - I'll need someone to hold my hand and offer me support while I have my hair dyed...which will be soon!

Sundancer said...

and oh Bird - "Quit smoking :: Life’s too short anyway so why deny ourselves the pleasure?" - Lady, you've shown me the way! I've seen the light! I am NOT quitting.

illusionaire said...

I love the naked part. You should do that more often. And not just at your house *wink*

Almost Unreal said...

Already quit smoking (at least for summer :D)

Sundancer said...

illusionaire - I expected something really cute. "We should do that more often, doesn't matter where, your place and mine" LOL, you disappoint me!
unreal - need some fire extinguisher, cos' I can smell smoke. Your pants on fire?? :DDD

illusionaire said...

I am toning down, you see. Not good having my current image.

Sundancer said...

aww c'mon Kheem, no need to tone down, your current image suits you just fine! :)

Anonymous said...

Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

No Hidden Depths said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sundancer said...

Hidden, sorry about that! :) I was compelled to turn word verification on yesterday when I logged on and found 73, yes, seventy bloody three spam comments!!

No Hidden Depths said...


virgochhas said...

almost unreal haf quit smoking months ago, but everytime i went over to her place she, therez someone who use to smoke and dhse looks exactly like unreal .... :P

Sundancer said...

Virgo - ka unau nu hian dawt a sawi ngai lo. That's her doppelganger! haha