01 July 2006

Just One of Those Days...

What a crappy day this has been! Wait a minute..it's not just today! Last night sucked as well. And it was not supposed to. See, I had all these plans laid out, these movie tickets, this new dress that I've been dying to wear..it was going to be a fantastic weekend. And then Humpty Dumpty came crashing down on me.

Okay, let's start from the beginning. Last night. Argentina and Germany. It was going to be a terrific match. My team was going to clobber Germany. My team scored. We popped the wine. We cheered. We laughed. I was having fun. Then the enemy scored. A draw! I started praying. Extra time, then the penalty shots. It was no longer fun..just scary. Frantic prayers were sent up. I crossed all my fingers and toes. But life is cruel! And God is not fair (and neither was the referee). And we all know how it ended. The World Cup is officially over for me. The only thing I look forward to now is seeing the Brazilian team bash the Germans.
I fell asleep on the couch in the living room at around 3. 7, I was rudely awakened by cold water spraying all over me and an 'Oh Shit!'. *Well yeah hello world! Good morning to you too!* A bolt of pain shot through my head as I got up from the damp couch. Too much of wine is not good! Staying up late is not good. Staying up late and then getting up early is not good. Waking up on a damp couch - not good either! Anyway, it was D who'd cussed. He'd slipped on the floor and splashed the water on the floor over me. Water on the floor? Yeah, seemed pipe broke or leaked or something while we slept. Anyway, we woke up to a flooded house. It might've been funny if it hadn't been so wet. But it was wet. And messy - good carpet soaked, my leather bag, my favorite cardigan, my socks - I'd strewn them all over the floor. That was not funny. I'll never leave my stuffs lying around again. Ever! Well, maybe I'll still leave them on the bed or the chair, the table, even the fridge but never again on the floor. It was so not funny.
Anyway, I rushed home, downed a couple of aspirin, made myself a hot cup of lemon tea and thought I'd hit the shower. And guess what? That thing called electricity, well, it wasn't there. I waited for a while but it must've been really busy somewhere cause it didn't turn up! But I was running late and couldn't afford to wait too long. Boy, I hate cold showers.
M kept on banging on my door telling me to hurry up cos' we were running late, which by the way I knew perfectly well myself. It was madness all the way to the theatre - rushed through traffic, screaming at the rickshaw driver to hurry up, who hurried, and in the process broke some rules and had other drivers screaming at us, phone rang non-stop, Akshay screaming that the whole world was there and that I was the only one missing. Of course, he could have been exaggerating but it made me feel bad nonetheless. We finally made it through the madness to Prasad's and got out of the rick, only to finally notice that it was a windy day. Bad, bad day to wear skirts. And the way things were going, it was only inevitable that I and M had to be there desperately trying to hold our skirts down while fishing for our purses to pay our very agitated driver and had to waddle instead of sprint, and sprinting was important since the movie had already started. Anyway, I waddled faster than M and hurried up the stairs and saw my angry friends standing outside Ohri's, as promised, glaring at me. Then when I turned back to tell my guest to hurry up, she'd pulled a David Copperfield on me! She was gone, disappeared into thin air, nowhere to be seen! I frantically rushed around looking for her, and then came up with the brilliant idea of calling her. I whipped my cellphone out and guess what? My phone was dead, as useless as a dead butterfly with upside down wings (as the ninja would say). Battery had died out on me! Someone up there either hates me very, very much or was using me as a guinea pig for an experiment He's carrying out to test human patience or something like that. I asked the strangers standing near the entrance who I saw leering at us while we stepped out of our rick and did the skirt holding thing if they'd seen the hot girl who was with hot me, but alas, all answers came back negative. After several moments of waiting, hoping she might apparate out of the popcorn machine and lots of swearing and swearing and ..well, swearing, we finally decided she was just not coming back..bad case of last-minute jitters we figured, walking down that aisle can be pretty unnerving. We walked in just in time to see an old lady dying and Lex Luthor watching over her in a real menacing way. Kevin Spacey's hot by the way.
The rest of the day went pretty smoothly, my headache was gone - big relief! We shopped around a bit after the movie, bought a nice new dress to make up for the bad morning, headed to Fusion 9 for lunch. I love the place for various reasons. Great Italian food, good service etc etc and oh so many good memories! But let's not get into that.
The day was looking up, I was finally starting to enjoy myself, the food was great (the dessert was heavenly!), the conversation interesting. General gossip... fun, enjoyable, bitching about 'some people' but it just wasn't meant to be a good day. As we were getting up to leave, we realised to our horror that 'some people's' friend was sitting on the table right behind ours. Of course, 'some people's' friend acted genuinely surprised to see us. But I'll bet she heard everything. And some people are gonna hate us.
Next stop was a long, evening walk at KBR park, then for some sinful ice cream sundaes at Melting Moments and we finally decided to call it a day.
'All's well that ends well' I told myself as I walked into my room. My room has a plug point and I also have a charger which meant I could revive my useless phone and call M. Dialled her number, it rang twice and then before I could even say a word, I heard her - 'Jerusha, I NEVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN! I have never known anyone like you, I hate you!'
Hello?? I thought I was the one who's supposed to be angry here.
Anyway, I'll admit I almost said sorry. But I stopped myself just in time. Why the hell should I? If she likes disappearing acts so much, then that's not my fault. I don't really remember much of what I said, just that I did not say sorry and hung up on her. An hour later, she called back and told me she was on a plane to Mumbai and that she'll be back after a couple of days. Now that's funny. I thought she was broke. She told me she was. Who the hell paid for those expensive plane tickets?? She probably lied. Or maybe not.
And now I'm sitting here, mud pack on my face, hair messy, feeling bad about myself. Which I'm going to stop right now. Because I didn't do anything wrong.
Or did I?


Almost Unreal said...

It's one of those days, huh?

Anyway, sorry to disappoint you but there is no way the 'great' Brazil clobbering Germany as they just lost to France.

Sundancer said...

Brazil losing to Germany - somebody wake me up from this nightmare!!!!!!
Now there's only one team I like left - Italy. Italian men are good with a lot of things, now let's see how good they really are with soccer! :-)

steve said...

I'm really feeling sick reeling from the terrible matches last night. Brazil and England going out, is a nightmare. Freddy Cruger beware.
Anyway I'm planning to keep my Brazil jersey for another 4 years and then wear it again once the samba boys have regained the cup. GO BRAZIL!

Sundancer said...

I don't care so much about England but those hot South American boys..damn damn damn! Why'd they have to lose??!!!!!!!
Anyway..4 years is only one thousand four hundred and sixty days.

illusionaire said...

Was my happiest night!!!! Both Brazil and England lost. Wooohooo!!!!!!

Ps. You woke up in a damp couch... uh... and u were drunk n passed out too... uh... eeewwww!!!!!!!!

The water that leaked couldnt have possibly made the couch wet. Gawd... Sundancer.... i van han trawp em em!!!!!!!

Sundancer said...

I wasn't drunk, neither did I pass out. jak lo ltk. I said somebody fell and splashed the water all over the place, including the couch I was sleeping on.
I awm dan hi midang min rawnn puh jeih jeih tum zel suh!

MockingBird said...

They say curosity killed the cat but still I can't help but wonder what made your David Copperfield friend do the disappearing act and where the hell was she while the rest of the world [or at least a certain lady] was drooling over Kevin Spacey!!!

And I also wonder, on a scale of one to ten, how happy a good chunk of male population outside the theatre must have been who got to see two certain ladies doing a Marilyn Monroe! Lolz!!

Pavan said...

Firstly, 'M Glad to see a lot of text here....
You nowehere seemed wrong to me in all this...as you said " It was just one of those days(quotes , unquotes)"

Hey, Your fav Italians have made it to the finals....I loved the way they choreographed the last two minutes of the crucial game...Too bad, They made Germans cry on their home turf!!!!

It was a wonderful Game of football!!!

Sundancer said...

Bird- seemed she'd gone down to the basement while I wasn't looking and took the lift up to the first floor and waited for me there while I was running around outside talking to strangers. Now why did she do that??? No one knows, including her. And by the time I gave up and went up to the first floor, she'd left thinking I'd deserted her.
Im guessing the percentage of the male population made happy by our Marilyn act would've been a lot higher if we resemble Marilyn more!
Pav, my friend. I can NOT do a thing wrong in your eyes LOL. I'd turn into a spoiled brat if I spend more time with you, so, as much as I'm missing you, it's kinda good that I'm here and you're there! :-)
As for 'my fav Italians'..I'm proud of them, hail Totti! BTW..I have just one 'favorite Italian' ;-)! I like the Italian soccer team too.

virgochhas said...


wet remindz me of the owlet *wink* ...

and Italianz...so wat are the things which they are good in?... now this remindz me of a certain post which was deleted by a certain blogger ..

any pics of dat unfateful day?....

Sundancer said...

Virg baby, fly up here and I'll tell you what they are really good for other than running around chasing a ball! The wet bird..well, it needs an itln bird too. LOLz
And even if there were pics of that 'fateful' day, do you think I'm going to let you see when even the very benign post got deleted? :DD

Anonymous said...

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