31 July 2006

My Newly Revised Hate List

1. Gerunds

2. Prepositions

3. Commas, periods, colons, semi-colons, apostrophes..all punctuations in fact!

4. Adverbials and discourse connectors

5. Conditionals - Unreal, inverted and implied & other ways to express unreality

6. Subjunctive in noun clauses

I'll be adding a whole lot more to that list as the week progresses.
And those are things I used to think I like. Now I've found out they're evil, they consort with witches and demons, they're of the underworld, the darker side of the other side, not the innocent, helpful little friends I once thought they were. Gerunds! who would've thought those harmless-sounding little things could give one a massive headache!
And prepositions?? I'm ashamed to admit that I fear them now. I battled a lone prepostion and lost. Subjugated by a preposition! I'll never live this down.
Language should not be made complicated. We should keep things simple. Let's be happy with any form it takes, just as long we get the message across. Okay, if we were talking Sanskrit, I'd understand. Urdu, Latin, ancient Greek - yeah. But not modern-day English. All those intricacies only takes the beauty out of the language. And I don't want to start hating it.


Pavan said...

Quite offbeat, as always!
think the same way..linguistic correctness should not become an obstacle when we're trying to simplify a message to make somebody understand in her/his level/frame of understanding,Grammar apart, at times We need to de-grammaraize the language to make it more understandable.

Almost Unreal said...

Gerunds......lung len thlak loh eee, lol

Ka hriatloh na hi a rei leh ta

virgochhas said...


are these a compliment which comes along with the essays? lolzzz

Gerunds....verb turned into noun, a word ending with 'ing'... is it??? or is it not...lolx

i Suck in grammer


Sundancer said...

Unreal, teh gerunds hi thil har a ni ngai lo nia school ah kha chuan, tunah xawng har tawh tops! Mt. Carmel min ti hrechhual..
Virg - no, these are stuffs I'm doing aside of the essays :( Hne ltk hne ltks! Kha I hriat zet zut khawp kha, suck loh khawp kha!