08 July 2006

Chocolates, Hormones & Men

Hormones! That got your attention eh? :-)
Well, I'm not going to talk about anything interesting here, just a bit of girl talk peppered with the spicy science of endocrinology :D.
Chocolates, hormones and men..in that order.
It was a couple of nights back when my friend R & I decided to go for a walk after dinner and dropped in at the corner Baskin Robbins for some ice-cream. One thing I hate about ice-creams - one already have to think so hard trying to decide whether one should eat it at all in the first place, 'What have I eaten today?', 'Any new dress that I've been dying to get into?', 'Is there someone whose attention I'm trying to catch?'...etc etc. And then you finally decide no, you can't afford to eat that ice cream but throwing all caution to the winds, still decide to go for it anyway, inwardly feeling like you're about to commit the biggest crime of your life. Whew! That should be enough. But no. You still have to decide which flavor you want to have. But that's always a whole lot easier.
So anyway, I chose chocolate that night. And R, pista because she thinks chocolate ice-creams are the most sinful of all ice-creams. The meanest. The absolute baddest. Don't get me wrong. She loves chocolates, the trouble begins when the i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m comes with the c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e. And she chided me on my bad choice - 'No good watching what you eat the whole day and then eating chocolate ice-cream at the end, that will undo it all'
'Ice-cream's ice-cream, they're all going to make you fat anyway. Besides, chocolate is good for health' I said, not having anything better to say.
A very sarcastic 'How so?' from her.
'It increases your sex drive, the ancient Mayans even used it as an aphrodisiac!'
(Now I have absolutely no idea what the ancient Mayans' version of Viagra was, or if they even had one but I thought 'the ancient Mayans' sounded deep and gave my lame excuse that touch of conviction that I desperately needed)
'OOoh really??'
I thought she was being sarcastic again but she was not. She actually believed me.
'Now that explains why I've been feeling the way I do, I've been eating too much chocolate!'
[Guys, you know what to feed your women!;-)]
'Does chocolate work for you too?' she asked.
Told her I haven't eaten enough to find out.
'What works for you?'
(Yes, I love tattoos! Not on me though..on a guy.)
'Does C have a tattoo?'
'No, but the man I'm currently lusting after has one, two celtic dogs on a chain on his biceps.'
'Can I meet him?'
'After you've gotten all that chocolate out of your system.'
'What's wrong with having chocolate in my system and meeting him?'
'I just don't want you to meet him with your hormones raging. I can do without the competition.'
We had a good laugh, wondered some more if single people in a country like India where sex is taboo should be allowed to eat chocolates or get a tattoo done at all.
Maybe the government should do something about it. Ban it, make it illegal. No chocolates. No tattoos. Less temptation.

Just an afterthought. I know lots of people who have no intention of getting married. NO chocolates for them? (Make that us)
Ever?? I remember what Virgo once told me, it isn't premarital sex if you have no intention of getting married. Where there's no 'marital', there can't be a 'pre'. Sounds kind of lame. But it does make sense when you think about it.
But that would pretty much contradict a lot of our moral, religious & social values.
But still, we are good people. Good chocolate-loving, tattoo-worshipping people. Suckers for all the good and delicious things life has to offer. And since the government just won't do anything about it, maybe we should all just go get ourselves neutered.


illusionaire said...

This Virgo friend of yours sound like a big expert on pre-marital sex. *GRIN*

More than chocolates, try oysters. They're more effective ;) If neither oysters nor chocolates are available, rely on the good ol booze. Believe me, they're the World's best aphrodisiac! hyuk hyuk hyuk!!!!

Speaking of chocolates, the best ever ever ever bestest best chocolates are Corner House's DBC (Death By Chocolate)... yummmmmm slurrrppp...

And then another favourite of mine are the liquor chocolates by Lindt. Tooooo good. This is the first time my mouth is watering while Im browsing thru ur blog. (Except ofcourse for that post where you posted a picture of yourself... ) :D

MockingBird said...

And herein lies the solution to India’s population problem. Ban chocolates and tattoos ;)

Almost Unreal said...

I don't know whether it dive up whatever, its always chocolate for me...chocolate ice cream.., chocolate bar..chocolate drinks..bailyes...yummy

The other day, I tried the dark/black (?)chocolate from Baskin Robins...gawd...nothing I can say but yummy and no regrets in having that :)

Sundancer said...

illusionaire - DON'T try oysters you mean? Gawd! You don't want to have something that potent, not if you don't want to go run around breaking all the rules and possibly end up being branded a whore? LOL!
Bird - my point exactly! Well..tbf, I really wasn't thinking about our country's surging masses and madding crowd but yeah..I am now.
Unreal - I hur hrim hrim! LOL
The amount of chocolate you eat gives you away! ;-)

illusionaire said...

Biteii in "I tried the dark/black chocolate from Baskin Robins...gawd...nothing happened." a tih lai tak khi ka duh lutuk... A tum nasat hmel mai mai.

Sundancer said...

Thanks for pointing that out Kim! Ka lo miss threlh alawm le.."chuti zawng" in ka lo thlir lo a.. LOL!

virgochhas said...

chocolates, oysters, booze, viagra etc etc..

if u need any of those, then he/she is not worth the f@ck


fo me, da man himself is the aphrodisiac....he should bloody turn me on without the help of wateva...and if he bloody is not capable of dat den 'thanks but no thanks'...

if u are stranded in an island without any of those chocolates etc..wat chiu gonna do?...


'big expert' ??? ... look whos talking :)

Sundancer said...

Virg - you're missing the whole point here. It's not about how to get worked up but how to NOT get worked up! LOL

scorpio said...

Death by Chocolate

Sundancer have pity...
I'm stuck here in the back of beyond and there you go reminding me of
my very first and most lasting PASSION....


illusionaire i drink to your choice

but OYSTERS as the world's best you-no-waht... Tsk, tsk

Sundancer said...

Well, Scorpio, if you're single then you better thank your lucky stars that those sinful dark chocs are not within your reach! :-)

Morpheus said...

I have two tattoos...no celtic dogs and no biceps :(

Morpheus said...

and can I meet ur virgo friend?

virgochhas said...

*wink* ----- @ morpheus

Sundancer said...

Hey you two, this ain't Sodom & Gomorrah!

Morpheus said...

And ur not Micheal the archangel...do not stop our budding love..a wise man once said( or it could've been Ericl Clapton) :
Let it grow, let it grow,
Let it blossom, let it flow.
In the sun and in the snow
Love is lovely, let it grow.

Wink back at you virgochhas

virgochhas said...

@ sundancer - no interruptions :P

@ morpheus - *blown u a kiss*

sundancer, don't u faint... :D

Almost Unreal said...

illusionsaire...I think you are getting old...hmph

All I talked about is the Baskin Robbins that I had..that too from the food court, in my office building

Thil hi ngai hmul zung2 mai..het

virgochhas said...

i was hoping to find a new post... :((

illusionaire said...

So was I :((

Anonymous said...

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