23 January 2006

Want a Translation? You Got it!

Everyone's been asking me for an English translation of the Gospel Master Laiking Fashion Show post, so here it is-
A friend of mine emcee'd a gospel rock show for well, lizards (Laiking=Lizard). Most lizards came dressed appropriately, you know, long flowing robes, leather sandals and the like, a lot of them in the latest trend - an ensemble that's supposed to resemble Joseph's multi-colored robe. But it has been reported that some wayward teenaged lizards were seen flashing a little too much skin, or should I say, scales, much to the annoyance of the older crowd present. Herod, General Secretary, United Lizards of the Wall, commented (may I add, with a very pharisaic tone)"The entire generation of the new-age lizards have discarded the holy laws of their ancestors, and dare to turn even a sacred event such as this into a mere fashion show where one cannot make 'scale nor tail' of this rowdy bunch!"


7ven said...

its very informative..hope may the soul of all be in peace who ever have enough patience to read this message............

Sundancer said...

Lalven I chhe lutuk! Comment thei tur chuan nangpawn I chhiar tihna a ni mai, a ngaihnawm I ti em??