28 January 2006

159 days in Hyderabad - minus some

Well, today is my 5th month+6th day in Hyderabad. And it has felt just that - like 5 months and 6 days. Work's good, health's good, the family's good, friends are good, dreams are still dreamt, sunscreen still screens. Everything's pretty much in order.
1. I'm bored.
2. I'm pretty bored.
3. I've found out one of the most annoying thing a mentally
sound human being can do is be 35 but act 10. Wrinkles
and tantrums just don't go well together.
4. I'm bored but I'll survive.
5. It bugs the hell out of me when a grown man of 35 puts on a
little boy's sulky voice, complete with the whole pouting
business just because you can't join him for dinner.
6. Still bored.
7. If boredom was a virtue, I'd be canonized this very hour.
8. Do you canonize people when they're still alive, or does
canonization require the lucky person to die first?
9. I still can't decide what would be more preferable - to be
just plain ugly or to be pretty ugly...
10. Darn! Just found out I gotta be beatified first before I can
be canonized.
~ just remembered - there's a way to 'get cannonised' without having to die. I'm gonna join the circus! You see it on TV all the time, people being cannonised alive and walking away hale and hearty, and very much alive to lap up the applause. And I'm sure that's something that'll make my family proud, I can just see it - people asking my mother - "What's Jerusha doing these days?", and my mom, voice quivering with pride - "Oh, she's extremely busy, she's being cannonised all over the country, you see!" and people going 'Oooh' and 'Aaah'! I better start polishing my halo now...

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