28 January 2006

Mesmerized ~

Person-with-the-mesmerizing-eyes is leaving Hyderabad. It's not like person-with-the-mesmerizing-eyes was ever an important part of my life, but the person did mesmerize me. And for no particular reason at all, I find myself dreading person-with-the-mesmerizing-eyes' departure and absence to follow. And I surprised myself by being rather too deeply saddened by the thought of never seeing person-with-the-mesmerizing-eyes again. However, life goes on, with or without mesmerizing eyes around to mesmerize you. And if you look hard enough, every pair of eye has the power to mesmerize, given the right settings - the right lighting, the right angle, the right words, the right food, the right clothes and most importantly, the right drinks. Still, person-with-the-mesmerizing-eyes' eyes are especially more mesmerizing than the rest of us normal folks' and that too without the above-mentioned criteria for eyes to mesmerize a person's senses. And you can't deny person-with-the-mesmerizing-eyes' hug was as mesmerising as the person's eyes. At least, I can't.(might as well start singing Erin Go Bragh :))

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