03 November 2010

And the waters still keep rising...

Deep is the river that I have to cross
Heavy the weight on my shoulder
I have discovered how great is the cost
Of trying alone to cross over
I try and I try but the current's too strong
It's pulling me under and my strength is gone
Don't leave me stranded

Rescue me, my God and my King
The waters are rising and I cannot breathe
Wrap your arms all around me
Carry me over, rescue me

There is a bridge that is easy to cross
Where all of our burdens are lifted
And peace is the land that is waiting for us
Lord give me faith to believe it
Cause I'm in a storm but I'm willing to fight
I'll overcome and I will not die
With You by my side

I will sail over the oceans
And high over the mountains
And soar up to the heavens
Here is my hand and my heart and my soul and my mind

Things seem to go from bad to worse. And in all honesty right now I'm pretty broken but whatever evil forces are lurking around gleefully watching waiting for me to give up in myself and God, if it looked like I was about to this morning, well, not anymore. I hope you hear me scream 'I am in a storm but I'm willing to fight, I'll overcome and I will not die - with God by my side.'


didini said...

Dearest Jer,i post te ka lo chhiar thin a,ka tluklo khawp mai che!Kan chhunga roreltu hi Pathian ani miau sia,keimahni taksa kan lo duat hliau hliau thinah poh thu kan nei der silo mahse kan innghahna Bible ah chuan ti hian a ziak sia..'Tin,Pathian hmangaihtu,amaha ruat anga a kohvate tan chuan an thatna turin engkim a thawhsak hlawm thin tih kan hria'(Rom 8:28)tih ziak ani bawk sia,kan chunga thil thlengte hi hriatthiam mai a har thin e mahse Bible ah bawk Isua ngeiin 'Ka thiltih hi tunah i hre lo;nimahsela nakin hnuah i la ang hria ang'(John 13:7) tiin min hrilh bawk sia ,A thu han rin nghal hmiah mai lah hi a har bawk sia t ro,engpohnise,Cancer pohin a ngamloh fanu atan a buatsaih mek che ani tih hi ka ring tlat ani,lo tang tang2 rawh o,my prayers are always be with u ..

Macabreday said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, with God on your side you will overcome this storm and you will NOT die. I wish you a speedy recovery.

reverie said...

Dear Jerusha,

So terribly sorry to hear about what you are going through right now. Keep on fighting and may Father let you know his presence in a very special way. May his healing hands be upon you saying, "I am willing, be healed"!

Anonymous said...

Ka tawngtai thin, ka tawngtai zel ang - Sam 119:169-175,atha ka ti, lo chhiar ve chhin teh aw.
Lalpa'n a hmang duh che a, A awmpui zel ang che.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jerusha,
I have been reading your blog but never left a word before. I feel i should this time. I dont know you but you sounds strong and have a deep love and fear for the Lord - perhaps more than you understand it yourself. He will honor that and i am positive that you will get to know about his love more beautifully than ever. Have you read the book called ' the shack'?. i was blessed reading that book. i really recommend the book to any one who wants to understand more about our God. May his comfort be with you.

Anonymous said...

"Things seem to go from bad to worse"
Jerusha, what happen? reading the above line makes me worried about you, even though we do not know each other in person, but i think i know alot about you through your blog and those fun-videos you posted on youtube. I know with God on your side and the will-power you have in you, you will overcome this storm... lo dam thuai thuai la film dangte pawh in siam belh leh zel ang chu. i unau te Bruce Lee-i leh Interneid-i te kha min lo biak dawn nia.

MRalte said...

Bawihi, Mi Chak khan i chungah thil a ti ang. Ka va han chhuang tak che em!! tih bak sawi tur ka nei lo. Mahse Pathianin min dem lo se) khawvel hi chu a Fair lo ka ti thlawt!! I tough-nachhan hi Pathian vang a ni ka ti lo thei lo. Tin, thu i thiam reng reng. Min chhun chiang(he he)

Jerusha said...

Thanks everyone! I won't go to great lengths to thank everyone in person but I'll say this again (I know i say the same thing over and over but still..)- every comment I read where you tell me to be strong, that you remember me in your prayers, to be strong - every single word really makes me want to be strong and fight harder. And also makes me offer an extra prayer thanking God for all he's given me including your comments. In tawngtaina ah min lo hriatna a hlu ka ti a ka lawm takzet.

ps. @ Mda - interneid-i leh Bruce Lee te pawh ka lo biak a che, a ni pawh min lo biak rawh an ti e :)

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