13 October 2008

Words have meaning and names have power

I love interesting names, particularly Hebrew names. For me, more than anything, what a name means is important. I love my name, even though for the first maybe 16-17 years of my life, I hated it. I had to endure a lot of teasing because of it, when I walked in the streets, it was common to hear people singing 'Jerusalem nute'n an fate Isua hnenah....' or 'Jerusalem lamah tukverh I hawng em?..' :-)

My housemates have pretty interesting names -

Marian (Hebrew) - Sea of bitterness (Also Egyptian, which luckily means 'My beloved')

Orpah/Orpi in Mizo (Hebrew/Latin) - She who turned her back (because she was disloyal and turned her back on her mother-in-law)

Tina (Old English/Latin) - river

Quite honestly, not names I would give my children ever :)

My name is also Hebrew, it means 'married' or 'possessed/possession,' but in essence, they mean the same thing. Once a woman is married, she becomes her husband's possession. In the name, it doesn't mean physically married, but being spiritually owned. It means I am God's possession. It's a very blessed name.

When I have a son, I am going to name him Uriel (Hebrew) - "fire of God," also analogous to Uriah - "the Lord is my light" - after the archangel Uriel, and also partly after Uriah of the Bible, the soldier David ordered killed. I've always liked that man, he was a man of honor - "And Uriah said unto David, The ark, and Israel, and Judah, abide in tents; and my lord Joab, and the servants of my lord, are encamped in the open fields; shall I then go into mine house, to eat and to drink, and to lie with my wife? as thou livest, and as thy soul liveth, I will not do this thing." - 2 Samuel 11

I'm not sure about girl names, but I think I would like to name my daughter Elisheba (Hebrew) – “My God is my oath” or Anaiah (Hebrew) - Whom God answers (this name is male originally but I think it sounds kind of feminine). As a parent, giving the 'right' names to my children would be a way of blessing them. I know I would feel very blessed to be christened with a name like Anaiah, whom God answers! Much more special than being named Cindy, or Baby, or Julie, Tommy, Timmy et al - for no reason at all, or after random rock stars, or even worse, politicians.

Other than names with religious meanings, I also like names of seasons and months of the year. I know an Autumn, a girl, a June, a May, and an April . I met a man called Winter once - sexy man, sexy name. Me and my friends developed crushes at first sight. I don't know what I found attractive more, the name or the man himself :D I think I may even have a picture lying around...

There, found one! Cropped to death and hazy but you can tell he looks very 'Winter' haha! That's him standing behind me, he called me James though (because my helmet had James Bond written on it), not a very flattering name for a crush to call you by I must admit :P

Other names I like:
1. Gabriel - the Lord is my might
2. Jonathan - gift of God
3. Pi Hangi
4. Chirhchohpuii
5. Biangtaituki


Something I found out while researching names - Orpah/Orpi, Ruth's sister-in-law of the Bible is the giant Goliath's mother! Did you know that?


virgochhas said...

my grandfather have this funny thing...to name his grandkids funny names...hehe...Lalpamihriata, Lalduhtaka.. :D

ka rin thu pawh a ni maithei a, mizo mipa Lalawmpuia tih hi hmelchhe tak ka la hre mang miah lo...an hmelthrat vak loh pawn an luck viau deuh xel :O

Calliopia said...

You must be kidding! Pi Hangi? Chirhchopuii? :D And how can you like Uriah from the very 'umble Uriah Heep of David Copperfield?!

I used to read up on names and their meanings a lot too, way when I was at school and later when trying to come up with online nicks. I remember once looking up male angels' names for an online friend in SA. Btw we used to have a guy nicknamed June in school. And there was this guy actually named Jeff Clinkingbeard. Cher deuh chhe deuh :D

VaiVa said...

Pi chu ka lo phuahsak dawn che mi Chirhchohpuii chhang hming...

Mipa anih chuan..
Suangtuahnaphalorilarah-a .. {chhiar dik thei em?}
Hmeichhia anih leh hlauh chuan..

ha ha ha... fiamthu veks....

Hming tih takah chuan Ka u fanu duhtak chatuan ram min pansan ta hming kha rilruah a cham reng thin.... KhawngaihMalsawmhlui..... hming common lo Mizo hming diktak ni bawk si ah chuan nalh ka la ti tawp thei lo awm e!!!

Jerusha said...

ram rams - Lalpamihriata tih chu a thrat chu, ka lo hauh teh ang! Lalawmpuia tih chu, a dik nge dik lo tih hre tur pawhin hriat ka nei mang loin ka hria.

J - Sheepish confession, I never got past 2 chapters of David Copperfield :D So no, since the only Uriah I know is the soldier hehe

Clickingbeard! haha I love it. I met someone called 'Shuttleworth' the other day, what would that mean? He's worth shuttling (around), or that he's worth a Shuttle? lol

vaiva - Suangtuahna pha lo ril a rah anih chuan, a naute chuan nge suantuahna pha lo a pai tu chuan? Ka hrethiam vak lo lol Keichu Mizo hming ah chuan hmanlai deuh deuh ka duh..

luliana said...

Ka patea pawh THINGREMSIAMA ania, 'thing' khi a paih a Remsiama a ni ta. A U chiah BUHZAHAIA, a ni pawhin 'Buh' a paih a, Zahaia a ni zui ta. Chhuan ka ni pakhat pawh PALPINGI an tia, mahse a hnu deuhah an thlaksak leh a ni awm e.. :)

Lucy said...

Haha..Jerusha, I left a comment in your latest post meant to be here... Sorry...I've been clumsy lately..

wonderboy said...

Fate hming tur ngaihtuah tan hian chuan 'huks' a hnai duh viau :D
garo ho tihdan ang in a upa ber 1st gear, a dawt 2nd gear n so on...back gear!?!? :-)

Jerusha said...

lucy - I'm growing clumsier by the day myself, you reckon it's got anything to do with global warming? As the earth warms up, the clumsier we get? LOL

wonderboy - A teuh nang, fate hming tur buaipui hrat deuh chu an dam chhungin an buaipui duh an ti, a phuah sak tur tak tak awm si loin :)
A enge back gear chu ni ta ang le? :)