14 October 2008

hehe This picture of me and my friends is so funny! Look at Harsha, she's the one in the middle. She's Sindhi, but looking at that picture, wouldn't you think she was Asian?!


Lucy said...

A long time ago, I read this, supposedly, longest Mizo name in a magazine
- Rairahriangsialanglochunlehzuathinlaihnemtuchungpathianmalsawmnazaraseiliankunga

How would you like this for your son's name :P

Lucy said...

Oops..The page doesn't show the whole name!!!!

Zaia said...


Jerusha said...

lucy - hehe I have always struggled with my overly long name - I know how much of a pain filling out forms (created by people who seem to think all names have letters not more than 30 characters) can be. So as interesting as the rairahriang name is, I think I'll give it a pass and save my son some form-filling pain :)

zaia - aw I tihna ang ah ka ngai e :D