06 October 2008

Issues of National Security

Do you ever feel safe these days? Not me! Crowded places immediately bring thoughts of bombings and deadly stampedes. But one still has to venture out for one reason or the other. And I'm pretty sure most of you are now used to being frisked everywhere you go - malls, parks..people feeling you up while you just stand like dumb animals.

Anyway, they annoy the hell out of me. These friskers (?), or whatever they're called. And their endless checking of bags, and their poking their sticks at my water bottles and my food and everything they can poke it at. And their orders to turn off my cellphone or camera, and their telling me to turn them on.

I know I know! In the interest of national security, it is my duty as a responsible citizen to cooperate. I'm only frustrated because none of these makes me feel the least bit safer. I have absolutely no faith in their shoddy equipments nor crew. (Just wondering, when they poke in your bags, do they know what they're looking for?)

We walked past "tight" security with a gun once. It was a toy gun, and a stupid dare that made us do it. But it certainly cinched my suspicion about their incompetence. We walked past security, who despite heavy groping failed to find the poorly concealed gun!

But guess what happened at the park yesterday? They found and confiscated my cigarette lighter. A tiny, pretty little thing, pink with pictures of little fishes and butterflies. How could they miss a gun (albeit a toy one, they didn't even find it to determine if it was real or not) but find and think a tiny, pretty, harmless thing like that would pose a threat!

Anyway, lots of this I know is crazy. But I'm angry because they took my lighter, a very loved gift all the way from Queensland. (And I was only entering a park, not a plane! ) And despite one cigarette lighter confiscated, I still don't feel safe. Maybe it would be worth it if I knew it would at least guarantee a certain degree of safety.

It freaking feels like the middle-east is all I have to say.


mesjay said...

And another funny thing is the unmanned detector gates at mall entrances. Who's going to know even if it beeps?

Once they took away my pocket knife at an airport check. And the woman-cop really suspected that i was planning to hijack the plane! Isn't that a great compliment?

claytonia vices said...

Yeah, all in the name of National Security. I don't think they are authorized to confiscate things like that. They must've found it cute too...

Calliopia said...

Hate to sound cliched but better safe (and pissed) than sorry. The most unexpected tragedies in life happen so fast - they go KABOOM in your face before you know what's what and then you spend the rest of your life lamenting what if, what if. Grouse, crib, gripe, whine about it, fine but eventually it's for your own safety, you know.

Mojo Jojo said...

Umm. They did't return the lighter after your park visit was done?
They once confiscated a cigarette pack from me while I was entering the nearby multiplex, but didn't return it after the show - as was promised. But knowing that it was already late and smokes would not be available at that time of the night, my friend and I raised bloody hell... and voila! we got it back.
Maybe you should have brought it to somebody's notice.

Naupang^Fel said...

Most likely we are the next target and the security is very TIGHT. I mean TIGHT!

Believe it or not, they even checked a 5 year-old kid when I was about to enter the train station on my way to the land of monitor. No wonder if the bomb explodes somewhere while they're still looking at these kids.

wonderboy said...

'hurray! I've got a new chance to annoy people' is what they are thinking!! Bastards!! Venhimna lam aiin midang tan a harsatna siam hi an chak feee zawk!!

btw, nice acting master maimawm :-)

Jerusha said...

mesjay - I can't count the amount of things I've lost in airports all over the world, and sadly, most of them due to my own carelessness. I have done quite a bit of begging as well (don't take this gel, cream in handbag etc), and even succeeded a couple of times haha. As for those mall detectors, no one cares if it beeps. Even if you just stand there letting it beep continuously, they don't even notice!

clay - I thought so too, especially since those friskers were women.

J - I know, I feel a bit bad inside every time I complain, but I think I would complain less if I feel the machines as well as the people look more 'competent'

Jerusha said...

mojo jojo - Hello again my favorite monkey :-) I could've gone back on my way out and got it if I tried I think..but that means another endless line in the heat and roaming hands :(

Ka nau - that reminds me of this 5 year old boy in America who couldn't travel for a while because of a terrorist with the same name as the boy was on their blacklist. But at least there, there was some reason while that Indian boy who was checked...

wonderboy - Keipawh chu chu ka ngaihdan chiah ania. An rilru ah hian himna hi an dah tak tak in ka hre lo, a thren leh phei hi chu an lerh tel zui.

And thank you :-) Kan rawn chhuah belh zel dawn lo en ve zel dawn nia!

apatea said...

i feel much much safer now that u dont have a lighter [:-D]

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