25 May 2008

Lazy Sunday ramblings

Sunday evening, and I'm sitting here with nothing to do, and I love it. I had two tickets for today's cricket match - Deccan Chargers and the Bangalore whatevers. I gave them to Kal-El, the Superman boyfriend - "Here, take this and take your buddy and enjoy yourselves," I said and even meant it. And you know two tickets means Rs 2000 - not a trivial amount.

Don't you think I'm like the best girlfriend ever, and that Kal-El is one hell of a lucky guy. I mean, think about it. How many girls would give their boyfriends free tickets for a cricket game on a Sunday evening for him and his buddies? Because this means giving up your only chance of spending some time with him after working your butt off all week.

Most girls would hog their boyfriends on a Sunday, put up a sky-high fortress between him and his buddies, then coerce them to do things they don't even like doing - like stay in and watch 'Friends' on TV and cuddle, or get them to take them out for an expensive candlelit dinner, or even worse, get them to take them shopping.

But look at me! I am so selfless I amaze myself sometimes (or is it just stupidity?). Kal-El headed off to the matches with his best buddy, with not a thought of me in mind, while I headed off to the church instead like a good girl with my girlfriends.

Really, there's just no denying that I'm this super user-friendly, easy maintenance girlfriend. I'm not clingy, demanding, or unreasonably jealous, I don't really fancy being wined and dined, and to top it all off, I am uncomfortable with men buying me things, especially if it's something expensive. I'm delighted enough with the occasional flowers. See? Easy maintenance.

And that is why Kal-El treats me like a queen when he can, and thinks I'm a saint, he thinks I'm the most selfless and giving person ever and wants to be my slave. Forever. :-)

I'm kidding. He knows I got those tickets for free, and that I wouldn't watch the stupid match if they paid me, and that I keep Sunday evenings for myself, that there is absolutely no sacrifice on my part. But he appreciates it anyway. He appreciates the fact that I thought of him first when I got my hands on those tickets, just like the way he appreciates the fact that I do my own laundry. Even though that's got nothing to do with him.

But I want to be appreciated for the right things, and sometimes I think Kal-El gets pretty close. And all I care about is knowing what his Kryptonite is, which is me. My only purpose is to weaken him. :-)

Abandoning happy subjects, and on to darker things - I fear my hearing may be deteriorating. And I blame Apple. It's their iPod and iTunes that are responsible. On any regular day, I wake up, take 30 minutes to get ready, then plug in my earphones till I reach the office, where I simply switch to headphones and wear them all day, taking it off only for meetings and lunch breaks. Then switch back to the iPod earphones again as soon as I leave till I switch off my lights to sleep, and waking up very often with the earphone cable strangling me half to death. And listening to heavy metal full volume that amount of time..I don't know...I wish I wouldn't have to, but I suspect music. Can I sue Apple if my hearing really is affected by their products?

Anyway, it's time for a shower. Sunday evenings may be for myself, but nights are a different story altogether! :P


Puia said...

hehe, sunday boruak mai mai pawh hotunu hi chuan ngaihnawm takin i ziak duah thiam tho mai a.. nang hi zawng tluk loh rim i nam a ni.. pawn chhuah loh chuan sunday chu a boring bikin ka hria..

Jerusha said...

boss I ti lawmawm thei e, tluk loh rim nam lam chu sawi tam lo mai ang a zahthlak lol Keichu Sunday hi ka chhuah peih lo ber mai ni ni tlat zel mak tak maiin.

Almost Unreal said...

unaunu....you are soooooo modest, lolzzzzz...it's Bangalore Royal Challengers, mai mai..ka hriat chhan chu Vijay Mallya ta a nia chuan Dravid captain ni bok. Cricket TV a ka en pui tlat trum che kha min ti hre chhuak, lolzzz

Jerusha said...

unaunu - lol modest loh ve deuh hi ngai thin, sual ve deuh te hi trul a, mahse cricket lamah hi chuan tupoh engpoh ka kian zel ka felna lam alawm LOLzzz

Joseph said...

Haha.. para 2-na ka chhiar a, ka'n comment te te ange. Cricket i tuiloh zia kha a hma khan i post tawhin ka hria a. heheh, ball vawma lo vuak tur tih kha keimah ang bawka i hriat tawk anih avang khan tui loh chung chunga en luih talh ai chuan a tui te en tir mai kha a finthlak a, ui pawh i ui miah lo reng ang!! :D hehe

azassk said...

sunday apiangin St.georges church Abids ah 3:30 ah kal ziah la atha ani mai!!he he

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Keipawh cricket kher hi chu en peih vak lo,India leh Pakistan nih loh chuan:-D

A changtupa chu avan nei anih dawn chu:-DD.Tlem a soft music lam te pawh ngaithla ve tawh la:-)I blame the apple/iPod too..we are in the same boat:-D

Jerusha said...

father - hehe ti dik khawp mai, thil uihawm loh pawl tak chu ni. Chuzawng ai chuan, ka bialpa lo ni ta la nang hi tunge ticket hi ka pek thin tak ang le? :P heheh

azassk - I phakar lutuk, nangmah hmuh tur I vang hle si, tun chawlhni pawhin ka hmu miah lo che. Nge I lo la thleng lo zawk ami?

seki - india leh pakistan pawh ni se, ka lairil a la pot chuang lo. Music soft chu ni e, ngaihthlak hi poh ka ti lo, a tam zawk ah ri 'hot' deuh ka duhna chhan chu hna thawh lai leh phei chyuan music trang at mai ni se, hna te hi kan thok zot zot mai a, soft riai hi chu mutchhuah leh trah chhuah lamah a thok thin a buaithlak :)

babieremi said...

Kal-el a hi ka van hrechak! a sek hmel.knowing ur penchant for the hunky pumped up kind, remember SZa from the Paulian days of yore:)))
I agree, IPL is ruining my family life, members of my family ( Me and him)are mentally and physically torn apart thanks to the matches.

Jerusha said...

babie - compared to Kal-El, SZa (as hot as he was :D), is a weakling! :P Not pumped up, just terribly hunky! haha kidding, I've grown out of that young girl fascination. How well we talk with each other is more important than his muscles. And if you get muscles and great conversation like with Kal-El, bliss! haha IPL ka ning ltkkk!

toy soldier said...

Hmanni ah chhiar tawh tho a,blog ka la siam ve hma nia...ngaihnawm ka ti reuh lka a,i ziah dan te hi:)
N the boyfren seems sweet