08 May 2008

Beautiful people

I'm not an American Idol fan, I haven't even watched one complete show this season, quick glances when the roomies are watching, one performance on youtube if a friend raves about it. But I was heartbroken to learn that Jason Castro was out, he's such a beautiful human being and he smiles so beautifully and he's got those beautiful, genuine eyes and who'd care if he cackles like a witch! Gime me those eyes and that smile and anything would sound good.
Anyway, I just hope we continue to see him around.

Next - Tom Waits. Sexy, beautiful Tom Waits. I like his music, I've cried over his songs many times, and now I've learned that Scarlett Johansson is making an album of Tom Waits covers. Maybe she sings okay, but I wish she wouldn't, I just have a bad feeling about this. Not that I'm planning on buying the Johansson album, or listen to any of it.

I also found this picture of Marilyn and I love it to bits because she's got such a pretty face and it really shows here..
Plus her thighs are bigger than mine and she still looks great :P


sawmpuia said...

Hmeltha hmuh hi chu a hahdamthlak ngawt mai, kan thianpa chuan hmeltha chuan khua an zuam e a tia lom. Buaithlak chu maw..kan thian thenkhat te ei in sum silo a, hmaivel an han chei parchawng zel hi a sawt duhawmlo kalo tia, sawi tur pakhat mah awmlo mahse :-) Engpawh ni ila confi viau tur a nuam heih heih ber mai. I thil post ah hian ka tel ve dawn emaw ka tia...lolzz

Jerusha said...

part - II 'TRULY' beautiful people atan ka khek che lawm boss :)

Joseph said...

mipa leh mipa hi chu hmelthra intih a har a, marilyn chu chhelo khawppp mai. mipa duh chi niin ka hria..

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Keipoh tel ve ka lo inbeisei deuh ngawt pek a:PP

american Idol a ka duh ber chu Simon Cowell :)

DayDreamBeliever said...

keipoh ka tel ve duh o, part -II ah chuan! American Idol hi ka en vak ngai bik lo va, pic i rawn dah ah khi chuan a dreadlocks khi nih khi mawle attractive chu le. Marilyn Monroe hi chuan she gives me a huge inferiority complex..so voluptuous and curvy and womanly!

Calliopia said...

Hihi you're right, what big thighs Monroe had here. If she was alive today, she'd probably be dismissed as "Pretty face, shame about the figure!" Jason Castro is one beautiful face and is probably a very nice person too. I watch AI on and off, mostly on this season, and I'm a big fan of Cookie. Have you watched his Hello? Hoo boy, that was hot, hot, hot!

illusionaire said...

Thunder thighs! Love them. Back during school and college days in Tamilnadu, I was a big fan of Shakira, Khushboo, Nagma, etc :-)

America Idol? What the heck is that? Was crazy about that other show though... Rockstar Supernova. :-)

Puia said...

Hmeltha hmuh leh an bula awm te hi a nuam bik a tia lawm sir sawmpuia hian.. a dik hle dawnin ka hria.:)

Nula sa tha lam deuh hi an tlo a ti bawka, eng lam panga tlo tur nge phei chu ka hre lo va, hotupa kima bawk hian a hrethiam deuh chuan ka ring a..:) thlalak hnuai ber ang deuh type hi em maw ni te ka tia..:)

claytonia vices said...

I first watched Marylin in Seven Year Itch when I was in school and had a big crush!

illusionaire said...

ooops, I meant Shakeela, not Shakira!

Almost Unreal said...

oiii...idol pa chuh...ka ten chi..hmel tha vel ltk...ka duh lo renggg2 tiang hi..hahahaa

marilyn hi chu tha ka ti tulh2 kei poh

Jerusha said...

father - mipa ho hi chu in mak ngawt mai, hmeichhia te chu hmeichhia leh hmeichhia pawh thra kan inti mai zel a, mipa ho hi chu ka hre lo in ti tlat zel!

seki - hlauthawng mah ta che, part 2 lamah chuan I tel chiang tawh viau ang :)

daydreambeliever - nangpawh ka lo telh ve ang che, mahse tlawn ve deuh hi ka beisei ve a, hetiang prestigious list a indah lut tur chuan hehe

Jason khi chu maww, a dreadlocks khi a chhiat lohna tam tak zing a pakhat ani e :)

Jerusha said...

J - I like Cook too, I think he deserves to win most. Only thing I don't like about the guy, hardly ever emotes at all, I find that weird - along with the shape of his head :P

kim - that seems to be the only thing we have ever agreed on, was a big fan of rockstar supernova too. Shakeela hi chu I duh ve ngawttt mai, innei ula thra ang!lol

boss zorun - ni chiang e, nula cher lutuk te hi nalhna ber a ni kher lo tih hi mipa ho hian hrethiam ula nuam ngawt ang hahaha tlo a poimoh bawk a :D

clay - someobody told me once that all man have had a sexual fantasy that involves Marilyn at least once in their lives, of course I don't true that is.

unaunu - I ti rapthlak ltk! A tenawm loh nasaaaaaaaa hi ni tawp mai!

elvy Leivang said...

The three obviously defines the word 'BEAUTIFUL'.