20 May 2008

How many peacocks can you spot?

I counted five when I was taking the second picture, now I see only two.

It's hot and long walks in the park can no longer be frequent. The few times that I do get out there, I see scary numbers of peacocks. I had a nightmare about peacocks once and I've been a tad afraid of them ever since. But isn't the heat supposed to make them retreat further into the woods, not make them wander out soaking up the sun...?


Joseph said...

Peacock nalh tak hi ka van hmu ngai lo tak. Ka hmuh ve chhun hi chu an chhe thei ltk, chhuang tak maia an mei an han tiparh hi milemah deuh chiah ka la hmu in ka hria. Bakah, sahuan leh park ilo vel hi ka kal thatchhe ve si a. :D

I hlau maw? Hehe, hlauh i ngah awm!

Naupang^Fel said...

I think this is a tough job because if I say peacock you may say it's a pea-hen.

illusionaire said...

Hehe reminds me of the time in Delhi I overheard Father_sphinx's girlfriend calling him a "peacock".

He had just come out of the shower, so I asked him, "why does she call you a peacock?"

And he replied, "I don't know."

But then, as he spoke, his towel that was wrapped around his waist fell down by mistake. I immediately knew then, why she called him a peacock.


Almost Unreal said...

ka zong peih lo..ka mit ka ui, lolzzz

hmana Deer Park a om pakhat kha nalh extra top

claytonia vices said...

Jerusha, the peacocks are waiting for you!

Jerusha said...

father - ka mumang a ka hmuh ang chuan hmu ve la I rap ve tho ang :P

naupang fel - LOL! Ka rilru ah pawh lo awm lo a, mahse chutia sawi tak ah chuan... :D

kima - father a I puh ve ringawt a, nangma chung a thil thleng ani an ti tlat.

unaunu - Deer park ah arawn ka hmu ngai pawn ka hre lo..

clay - tell them to get away! I don't want them to wait for me!

Jinx said...

Pic ka enlarge lo bok a, pakhat chiah ka hmu :P

Ka ngai thing nge poh ka hrelo, Cn ah hian peacock an neih ve poh kalo ring ngai lova, alo om tehmeuh mai. Khaw thenkhat zinnah hian anlo awm veleh mauh zel. An khawi ngampa thei em2 mai lehnghal a.

elvy Leivang said...

There are millions hiding behind the bushes......lolz.....coz they know that Bitch cassidy is in their territory.

Almost Unreal said...

arawn i hmuh loh chuan sakhi ho an sa i ei chak thlir nasa ltk khan i lo hmuh hmaih thin a niang chu mo le. keini..a sa it ang zonga kal alo, mahse an moina leh hmuhnomna thlir tura kal chuan kan hmu mai a ni..hahhahaa

Jerusha said...

elvy - of course not, they knew very well the famed peacock-molester, the Sundance kid wasn't with me!

unaunu - sakhi sa it ngai lo ang a I awm vel hi dik lo, counseling I trul tlat, rawn zin leh veleh tih hmasak ber turah kan list phot mai ang e!

Thinchhia said...

Ele..pakhat ni mai lom.
thlala tur a tran hmun in thlakthleng vang niang

amuana said...

Sava hming i hriat miah loh pathum tal han ziak teh?

Jerusha said...

thinchhia - pahnih chu an lan chian thrat khawp khi i mit a chhe awm hle mai! :)

amuan, va han har duh awm turu ve!