28 April 2008

To be human

I think the reason I get bad dreams all the time is because I'm a sinner and my guilt bothers me. I more often than not feel ashamed to read my Bible and pray, and so I don't.

But Jesus didn't condemn the bad woman who people wanted to stone to death. And then there were those two praying men, "And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner. I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.." I feel like I know what that man was feeling when he was praying like that.

Maybe God will listen to my prayers too and understand me, the way He listened and forgave that man in the story. And like Coventry Patmore wrote -

Ah, when at last we lie with tranc├Ęd breath,
Not vexing Thee in death,
And Thou rememberest of what toys
We made our joys,
How weakly understood
Thy great commanded good,
Then, fatherly not less
Than I whom Thou hast moulded from the clay,
Thou'lt leave Thy wrath, and say,
'I will be sorry for their childishness.'


Sekibuhchhuak said...

Zangaihna leh khawngaihna a khat Pathian neitu kan nite.Kan thil tihsual leh kan ti felhlel lam hmu lian lova,chu mi hmun atanga kan rilru put hmang en zawk tu Pathian kan nei hi kan van van nei em,tiraw :)

My prayer is with you

Jerusha said...

seki - ka lawm e! Ni e, a lawmawm misual pawhin tlem tal in kan la beisei ngam ve thin a, chuti ni lo sela chu a rapthlak dawn ee. Tam thei ang berin min lo tawngtai pui dawn nia, ka mamawh!

DayDreamBeliever said...

the healthy don't need doctors..it's those who are frail and unhealthy who need the healing touch.

btw, here's the add: chhangte.mzu@gmail.com. Thanks!

Puia said...

Wow,, ropui thin hle mai hotunu..Ni e, pu seki sawi ang hian mihringte anga kan chhiatna lai leh kan tlin lohna lai min hmuh len sak em emtu ni lo, kan felna awmchhung te, kan thatna awm chhun te min pawm sak a, min hmuh len saktu zawk Pathian kan nei hi kan vanneihna piah lamah kan thiamchanna chu a ni a. Kan tihsual leh thiamloh atang erawh nitin inzir fing tur erawh chuan min duh ngei ang.

Almost Unreal said...

Bible chhiar leh tongtai hi kei poh tih tak meuha tih ka ngai ani...ka in thlah dah ltk :(

Jerusha said...

daydreambeliever - hui - it's just so sickening being the frail one all the time :( And Chopin's on his way.

zorun - hotupa, in thu rawn sawi te ngaihthlak a nuam hlawm e, ka lawm khawp mai!

unaunu - kahwvel hi zawng, hahthlak treng trung anih hi tiro?

zolanu_riang said...

pathian awm hi a chang chuan ka ring thin lo , engnge a chhan ka hre bik lo... anih leh pathian hian kan sual te hi min ngaidam ngei a ni tih eng tin nge ka hriat ang????

Jerusha said...

Nia tiro Zolanu, ngaihtuah tam hi chuan rinhlelh rum rum mai te hi awl. Keichu a existence ai chuan, A 'idea' hi...hei ber hi ka ngaihtuah nasa.