22 April 2008

Putting people in their places

In my mind -

this is what hot, lazy summer afternoons look like -

this is what real gourmet food looks like -

this is what a real Mizo nula mawng looks like :-) (Mizo nula mawng fual in ti maw? Tihsan a har lo em! :P)

this is what love looks like -
this is what the act of real 'kuhva rah phel' looks like -

this is what serenity looks like -

this is what a real man's hand looks like -

and this is what lunglen looks like -

And in closing, let me share this quote by Gustave Flaubert, there seem to be some truth in it -

"To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost."


Nags said...

argh unfair!! tell me what Mizo nula mawng means!!!!!

Jerusha said...

mizo - mizo, nula = young woman, mawng = rump, to put it nicely :DD

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Mizo nula mawng tihsan thei khi ka tran :P

Macabreday said...

well, the translations sure helps :)
and ya..i did like the last quote that u put in. most people wouldnt agree with the selfish part, but to a great degree we all are, and need to be selfish to live a life we really wish for.

Jerusha said...

seki - hehe technique awl si, thawk chiang, hmuh theih nghal..thra e sin! :P

mac - Selfish, and stupid. I think a certain level of cloudiness in the head is as necessary as selfishness.

Joseph said...

hahaha... kuhva rah phel!! va dangdai ve.. a inhmeh tops, a pic nen khian. ka nui cher cher mai. :D

Jerusha said...

father, mizo tlangval dik tak kuhva rah phel dan dik tak anih khi, chhe lo ania, a kuhvarah leh a pheltu lah inhmeh si :)

Puia said...

hehe, mit a tlai fu mai. Nula mawng chhing style ber khi a fuh thlawtin ka hria..:)

claytonia vices said...

Hmm... thanks Jerusha! Thanks for reminding there is a lot more to life than the mundane boring stuff!

There are cute mawngs!! :D

rohit said...



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Jerusha said...

puia - ka cousin mawng anih khi, a mawng anih bakah tihsan dan tactic khi ama ngaihtuah chhuah ani bawk a..

clay - you're much welcome. And yeah, I thought nice rumps too. I'll let her know, she'll be flattered!

DayDreamBeliever said...

awesome pictures, even more awesome captions! LOlzzz... enjoyed this post immensely. It was the perfect ending to an otherwise hectic and frustrating day. Thanks for that dose of free medicine.

BTW, your picture of the "nula mawng" no longer gravitationally-challenged just goes to show that perspective is everything, na? :)

Almost Unreal said...

hahahah...kuhva phel kha a sak tha a nia

Jerusha said...

daydreambeliever - I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yep, perspective is EVERYTHING - I can't stress enough how 'everything' it really is :P

unreal - I bialpa hi chu I hre chiang ngawt mai, a kuhva rah chan leh chan loh thleng hian I hriat pui a :)

illusionaire said...

Trust daydream to voice her relief at the "mizo nula mawng fual". I've seen the two of you in real life, and trust me, you are both soooo alike, I mean from down there, errr.. behind.

Daydream's mawng is so fual that when she jumped, her mawng still scraped the floor :-)

Jerusha on the other hand, has a mawng that is so fual that when she went to buy a new pair of shoes, the shopkeeper looked down at it and said "sorry ma'am, we don't make shoes that big a size.... oh wait a minute, those are not your feet! sorry."


david santos said...

Hello, Jerusha!
Great and very nice work.
Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Pointblank said...

heyyy... Ur post made me smile. I have visited ur blog obefore once but left without leaving a comment I guess!

And that last quote made me think. It is true. U need good health. U ought to be selfish to keep things uw ant to urself, and not worry bout others. And then STUPIDITY!So totally needed! Surely, ignorance is bliss! :) Keep wriitng!

Jerusha said...

kim - no female mawng looks good to you, and no male mawng is ever imperfect right? :P

david - thank you!

pointblank - I'm glad you like the quote too! I have a whole bunch of really wise, yet funny quotes collected. Maybe I'll do a quotes-only post one day! Please drop in more often, and feel free to leave comments any day./

Alok said...

This is really COOL :)