28 April 2008

Introducing the Hmar-am

It's ethnic-dress day today, and after debating over a sari and my Mizo Hmaram for a while, I finally decided to go with my Hmaram. Funnily enough, this is not something I would ever, on my own choice, chose to wear in Mizoram itself. But out here, one always feels like one is judged a little less harshly, you can get away with a not-a-perfect-10 figure.

And I also want to be the first ever to walk these halls in a Hmar-am :-) I almost wished for a real Vakiria head-dress, and walk around flamboyantly and make everyone wonder if this crazy chick's finally lost it.

I wanted a little color, but I left my more colorful and more preferred Puanchei in Delhi. But I luckily found my colorful Mizo necklace somewhere in the bottom of my jewelry box. That helped give it the colorful tribal touch I wanted. Now I feel all nostalgic, it makes me feel like running around a bit and dance some Sarlamkai.

I had a terrible, terrible dream last night. I dreamt my sister was dead, and I was crying so much that when I woke up I still felt like crying. And now I'm feeling a little sad, remnants of the bad dream I guess.

Typical, sucky, crappy Monday!

(Leh mai mai, Tribal Power OPa hia a lo va zai thiam tak em! Ka lo ngaihsak vak ngai lo a, mahse hotupa Zorun zarah, hei ka ngaithla mek a, ka lung a van leng tak em tunah tak hian! A phuahtu te hian an lo van phuah thiam tak em...

Lianchhiari lunglenna tlang ngei saw, kei ka suihlung tileng tu
Ka dawn changin tuan leh ka nuam ngei e...



Sekibuhchhuak said...

A inbeltu in inhmeh bawk a,maram pawh a lo nalh hle mai a :)

Kan Mizo inchei te nen te hian Biakinah te hian inkhawm ta ila nalh phian ang a.

Jerusha said...

seki - theng khiu theng khiu, kan Mizo inchei na hi nalh tih a hlawh ve thei khawp mai, hak vel hi comfy lo lulai ve mai pawh ah..

DayDreamBeliever said...

i've always loved the hmaram..you look great!

Almost Unreal said...

hmaram hi ka la veng chhin lo reng2. khoi mi nge i discover a? lolz

Jerusha said...

daydreambeliever - thank you :)

unaunu - Christmas a ka han haw khan ka han lei alawm, fing tak hi chu maw :PP Ven duh hun hi ka ngah tih hi ka hrechiang tawh bawk a, kawl ve kar reng tawh hi ka tum.