06 June 2007

Should I keep this new template?

Testing to see if the layout thing is really better. So far I don't see anything so great about it. I do admit that this new template is cleaner and more organized, maybe because I got rid of a lot of clutter. What do you think? Should I go back to the old one or stick with this?

Got back from Bangalore this morning - red-eyed, muscles sore and sleepy as hell.

I'm kind of disappointed with the Aerosmith experience. Turned up at the ground at 2 PM, and yes, we were the earliest. Waited and waited. We were not allowed to carry cameras inside. We were not allowed to carry water or any other form of liquid inside. Stood in the sun and the stench of human sweat and dust and grime for over 6 long hours. The guys only appeared on stage after 8 PM. Stayed on stage for barely 2 hours. I was unhappy about not having my camera. I was distressed about not having a drop of water to drink. I was disgusted with having to have sweaty skin contact with smelly people.

As can be seen from the picture here, phone cams don't suffice. With the jostling crowd and the bright stage lights, none of the pictures came out right. The guy in this picture's Joe Perry, Steve's sitting on the other chair. It's a bad picture but at least it looks 'artistically bad' :P And you can tell I was on the very first row pressed against the barricades!

Bangalore was also kind of funny this time, it reminded me of Delhi. We did a lot of driving around looking for a place to eat and drink late in the night. It was frustrating but kind of funny after a while to see cops standing outside every place we went to.

I also saw an auto crash and a fist fight, and yeah la dee dah, no cops in sight! No bars, pubs, restaurants but at least some action to be watched on the streets if you're game. So they were talking about pubs and bars extending their opening hours and we were envious but I don't see how any part of it was better than here. Seemed to me like they close earlier they they do here.
But I'm guessing the passionate Bangaloreans will beg to differ.


Macabreday said...

not a good template...its too common.. plus dont think it suits ur style of writing.... why dont you just randomly google for some templates and find a rare and unique one.

Anonymous said...

This template is clutter free but somehow, not matching with your style of writing.

claytonia vices said...

Yeah, the template looks like old faded paper... not at all your style. I liked the one before better. But if you are bored u can tweak those colors a bit...

By the way, the monsoons are almost here and Pune will soon be one of the best places to visit. You have mentiioned about twice about coming to Pune. You'd better do it soon! :-)

Sundancer said...

thanks all~ I've taken your advice and looked around some more for a new one. I think you're going to hate the new one, but what can I say, I suck at this!

clay - I really would love to come! If I come, will you play gracious host and take me to Munshi? :PP

claytonia vices said...

Hmmm.... let me think.... ummm... err... YEAH! :)