17 May 2007

Pocahontas Killed The Bacterium Star :P

I had a little run-in with some bacteria and, therefore, have been seeing a lot of doctors and hospitals and needles. I'm generally a very healthy person, have always been, with not much experience with any form of illness except for the common cold. So, what is a mild fever to someone else would feel like a terminal illness to me. And I'm very proud of myself for the way I held up during these last few days while I was burning with fever, being prodded and poked with needles. And for not crying on the phone. Nothing of consequence, but I like patting myself on my back.

But here I am now, minus the pain and the fever, just terribly glad to be feeling they way I felt every day before I got sick and never thought twice about it. It was not a fun experience but as always, there are positives:

1. Stomach now very flat. I so love this part of the bacteria incident!

2. One much-needed lesson in empathy. I will henceforth treat any sick friend/stranger with definitely more compassion now.

3. My hair's just suddenly become very well-behaved and straighter than normal - probably all the meds I'm consuming or maybe even the unnatural amount of time spent resting head on pillows. Will probably go back to regular waves and curls on my next wash but I will enjoy my new hair till that time comes.

4. Being spoiled, having people fuss over me. For example, I was lying in bed one night and Dimps came in to check on me and ask me how I feel, if there's anything I wanted (Good. No.) **and** she actually asked me if I would like her to plug in my iPod headsets to my ears for me. No again but how cool is that huh? :)

It was also time for Soul dinner again, a costume party of sorts...

And there I was, playing a tomahawk-wielding
Pocahontas, just a day after lying helplessly in a hospital bed with bottles of intravenous drips dangling by my side the night before.

I amaze myself sometimes! :D

(Don't tell my doctor though..He thinks I'm still in bed.)

So being sick forced me to do the one thing I can never do otherwise. Be still. And contemplate. And who'd have thought such wise and insightful thoughts would come to one's head when you can lie still in the dark for several hours! I'd lie there, thinking, trying to avoid some subjects, trying to stay on some pleasant ones and all of a sudden - 'Hey, whatever happened to the Crash Test Dummies??!' or 'Hey, what was that TV commercial when we were kids that had Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou track??' :-)

I also listened to only two music tracks the whole time I was in bed - Stratovarius' 'Forever' and Avantasia's 'Farewell'. Kind of weird, I'm usually a shuffler, not a repeater. Maybe it's like the way some people crave food items like chocolate, I just craved for these two songs. So I listened to them like a thousand times. (And for the record, I still am not sick of them.)

Okay, I'm rambling. Time to shut down computer and go gurgle. I'm just not very happy with the idea of staying home while my friends are out having fun tonight. They'll be sipping Pina Coladas and Bloody Marys while I sit at home and sip tomato and basil soup.


Pixie said...

You look Cute as Pocahontas! :)
I did a post on being sick too, but it was only a stomach flu.
I hate being sick too and the only nice part was being pampered!

Pixie said...

Oh, and I really hope you are feeling better :)

Sundancer said...

Thanks pixie! **gratefully accepting the much-needed hugs** :-)

illusionaire said...

Get well soon dear. *hugzohican* :)

And you look so good in that costume that you would give the real Pochahontas a run for her money, whether she is animated or not. Fight the bacterium gurl.

Ps. Hope u learnt a good lesson atleast. From now onwards, to prevent any further bacterial infection, try taking a shower at least once a week, honey.

Patea said...

If u'r like dis even while at war... :)
I **nearly** pity all the bacteria and vira who had dared to invade your system... but hah! how were they to know, poor chaps...
But no seriously, how dare they! Kick the living s*** out of them and give them a lesson even their googolth descendants will never forget!!!

mnowluck said...

aah! Hmanni ah i room a vawt ltk a, i damloh ti a min lo scrap lai in i wang emo ka lo ti a, i damlo taktak a law??

Nice to see you back.. flat something something.. heheh.. i'm glad ur happy! u need to workout at a gym too. :D

I thianpa sam chu ka van duh maimai tak :P

Sundancer said...

awww Kim do I have to..can I get away with like maybe just once every month?? :P

Sundancer said...

pate, you can come help me kick the living daylights out of them once you get here :)

mnow - thanks for the advice that was never asked for! Ka dam lo ka tih te kha I lo awih lo re re a, I pawng ltk!

Ramnghaki said...


:O X( :O X(

buai em em a....reh vang vang pon...damloh te chu soi xel tur...chhaw vah suh...

mai mai sala...

Pocahontas...inhmeh lubux...

u look great...i mean...ur skin et all looks great :)

Oh!...the ad where they used to play back Blue Bayou?...mmm...not sure of the company etc but am sure its some wool kind of thingy...sweaters etc :D

hope u can remember it...

lo dam vawng vawng tawh ang che...mai mai sala...

i damloh leh vaih chuan i xep wruk vang a ni toh sim sim ang


Sundancer said...

Yes boss rawn ripot jel tawh ang!
So you remember that ad too? I thought it was a denim ad... :P