26 April 2007

Jig's up

Was a late April Fool's Day prank :-)

I have to come clean sooner than I wanted to because I started to worry that my 'husband's' girlfriend might chance upon this page and I might end up jeopardizing his love life :P


doris said...

Hahaha. Yeah, kind of stupid of us to fall for it. The bride's in a gown but everyone else was super casual (and she was wearing converses too!). But that was a great joke.

The fact that everybody fell for it should give you food for thought tho. heheh!

mnowluck said...

Converse ... 899/- man chi a va ang ve.. :))

Why don't u put high heel shoes or leather shoes instead...

I nei taktak a ni maw?? hahaha..

Sundancer said...

doris - nia tiraw, a hun tawh thawkhat tihna chu ni phawt mai ah! Tih tak tak lam pawh ka ngaihtuah tran tawh :)

mnow - a man nen si se ni maw I examine a. Thalak dang i ti nasa bawk a, tikhan lawm tawh em? hehe

Macabreday said...

wasnt i clever not to comment? lol

ThugAngel said...

hahhaha....a hun tawh em ni le??? nulat tlangval hi nuam alawm mawle... nupui pasal neih hnu chuan thil hi dang zo vek dawn nia!!! :P

tak2 ana, kan la hmabak ve turah chuan ngai ila, tlai tak2 a awm thei vak lo tunlai khawvelah, thi nei tawh lo pawhin fa an neih theihna khawvelah kan cheng hi:)

BTW Word verification tih vel hi ninawm dah bo daih teh...nghal tawp mai a...COmmand-ah lo ngai lo la..LMAoo

Sundancer said...

mac - and I thought you were ignoring me but you were just being wise :)

thug - aizawl ah awm ho threuh hunah aw tih dawn chuan :)
Word verification chu keipoh ka ning alawm, ka dah ngai lo a mahse spam comment turu ltk, tih loh theih ni lo. Zing ah mail check a, blog spam comment 80 te lo awm thruai zel hei tel lo chuan.