26 April 2007

From My Archives

I love old pictures, but there's never enough of them. Had to crop these up and stuff so that they'd be view-able.

That's my bow-legged cousin Madinga and Me. Check out my knee-low drawers :)

And that is Unreal and her mom...And that's me and my mother. I still remember this dress, cousin Unreal swears she remembers it too. She says she 'thinks' I used to wear it all the time...

That's my Sister Esther. I don't understand how she was the one with curly hair when we were kids and I had very good, very straight hair and now she's the one with the straight hair and I'm stuck with the curls!?!
And Unreal again with cousin M.Ch-a.

My mom and Esther again. She was also the one with the stomach! :P

This is Esther now. She hasn't changed except for the hair that's longer now :D


Almost Unreal said...

lunglen thlak mai2 reuh eeeee, lol

still got few old photos back home

Sundancer said...

Rawn scan vek rawh I thlalak hlui kawl ho, online album thlalak hlui chitinreng siam ang u

mnowluck said...

almost_unreal a mut chhuak hmel ltk in the one with M.Ch-a

@sundancer: ur sis got a cruel eyes.. :))

Sundancer said...

mnow - almost unreal = mutchhuak reng, piantirh ata! :)

hehe, I'll tell my sis-with-cruel-eyes that you said she's got cruel eyes :)