14 March 2007

Day 1 & 2

Severely jetlagged. Feeling better today. And I've regained enough energy to put up some pictures-
Getting off in front of the hotel, I heard a voice shouting 'Welcome to San Francisco!' Looked up and saw this man. He went on and on about how difficult life is here. Told him I didn't have American money on me, he graciously offered to accept whatever currenytcy I had. I asked him if he'd let me take his picture and to smile and pose for my camera. He was very game, as you can see..

Way to work - those mountain ranges made me feel so at home. And I know why they look so familiar. They bear a strong resemblance to our Pi Hauvi Lunglen Tlang from back home, the sight that used to greet me everyday!

Alcatraz Island from the plane-

Work - parts of it.

We went walking up the hill behind the office and we came upon this guy doing this thing on the grass with his rollerblades/skateboard thingy and a parachute. Anu said it's called 'Grass skating' but later decided she was wrong and that he's just 'paragliding' on the grass :-) It looked like fun and I was desperately hoping he'd let me try. But my 'chaperone' wouldn't let me get near him :(

San Francisco - It's lovely, the weather is beautiful. Some of the streets are as dirty as ours back home. I've been to several restaurants and I've decided ours back home are better!


mnowluck said...

The guy there (First pic) looks like NGTV... USA version of NGTV hahaha:))

Almost Unreal said...

hahaha..nia to raw, mnow

nalh hlom khops mai

Alcatraz Island .....ka rap dang dai lubux..min ti hrehom hial a ni

Anonymous said...

hey did you call me a dickhead just now or ages ago ? I saw it only now and hence approved only now.

claytonia vices said...

that man has a sunshine smile! :-)

Kheuhi said...

nice pics mam.....its PI HANGI (not Huvi) lunglen tlang....enjoy yr stay...miz yaa

u Hminga said...

mami..i thleng thla toh tih ka lo se ve re2 lo aaa...nktkah durtlangah skul kan sawn donnn..a hmun a nuamin kotzolte a nei tha a..tennis court poh kan siam don..i hmuh ve atan k it ltk...dam takin om zel roh ooo

Almost Unreal said...

Ni, ti khan tha tak khan awm la, Mizo ti hmingchhe tu leh ti hmel hem tu ni lo khan, ti mawi tu ron nih tum tlat ang che


Calliopia said...

I had no idea you were off on a whole new adventure. I van vang ta e ka lo ti mai mai a. All the best, girl, have a blast! Btw your smiley friend reminds me somehow of some Steinbeck character :)

nohiddendepths said...

"I've been to several restaurants and I've decided ours back home are better!" :)

Hardly blog at blogger these days, mahni site te ka nei ve tawh sia, so i blog there :D

Just spammed kima's blog with the name of my site, in case he forgot. Sorry dear, but I'll spam yours also

lawrkhawm, lawrkhawm, lawrkhawm! :D

Take care and have fun! :)

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Severely jetlagged.

- hmmmm.. didn't have enough beer and wine in the aircraft?

Mountains? Yea.. Calif is a valley.

virgochhas said...

nawm hmel ve oo...

i putar pa hi...Pretty Woman a "welcome to Hollywood" ti tu pa kha nih duh hmel reuh


Khamlal said...

ava tha reuh ve a.

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