30 March 2007

Pictures Again

Guess what? Me is going home for a 20-day vacation! I'm pretty excited. As sick as I am of airports and airplanes and overdone flight attendants right now, I'd still rather brave several more plane rides to be home than not.

I have been running around a lot, I desperately need to catch up on sleep and peace and rest. And there is no place like home for that. So I'll share a few more pictures quick, because I think I'm gonna be back with my favorite show-them-off pictures from home.

No more cribbing, only the things I loved about the place this time!

#1. Remember this car from 2 Fast 2 Furious?

#2. You know my love for Gorillas. And I got to pose with the star of all 'gorillas' :)
He didn't look terribly excited to be posing with me though :(
#3. I liked LA's extremely interesting graffiti...

#4. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World almost made me cry, this is something to be shared, something one should enjoy with family. I don't think Disney World is the right place to visit for a single, twenty-something woman....still loved it nonetheless!#5. Automobiles -
nice humor to be seen everywhere -
My dream car is a green Volkswagen Beetle - like the one Mandy Moore rode, just like this -
I kinda hoped this car belonged to the man himself. But since it was parked outside our cheap motel the whole time we were staying in LA , I assume it's just an ardent Rob Zombie fan.
I'm not really a limo person, I'll still post this just for something different :)
#6. Stanford University - made me question the quality of education I received all over again. If I were to get a chance at a new life and if I could ask God for one thing to change, it'd be for a chance to get into a place like Stanford.
#7. I liked this place the most, it was too beautiful to be true - Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View.
#8. The REAL Apollo 13 crew :-P

I'm hungry, have to run..
(Something weird - I haven't stopped being hungry ever since I got back!)

Oh leh loks - Unanu Unreal-i tan hepa hi chhe lo treh troh em a ka ron risk sak thruai a, nalh spreh sproh asin :)


mnowluck said...

wow, it wud be nice if we drove a 350 Rajdoot Yamaha @ 120km/hr speed a Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View..looks lively there..

StandbyMind said...

those are some freakin awesome pics u have posted

Almost Unreal said...

limo kha i "khap" eng zat nge? lolzzz..va han sei em2, ten om zok a lom le.

nalh top...i love the tree..and the "I believe in dragons.."

and as for the sap tlangval...not thanks, lolzzz..ka pe ang che..cos i dont want sap...an ngo emmm mai...hahahahhaahaa

i duh loh chuan mnowluck hi i pe mai don nia

Sundancer said...

mnowluck, Rajdoot trip thla ila, zuk khalh ru truk truk ang u nuam viau ang :)

Sundancer said...

standbymind - thanks!

Sundancer said...

unreal - khap ka tum a, a nei tu ten khap lo mai rawh min tia an phal lo a pawi khawp mai.

sap pa chu chuti i duh l0h chuan mnowluck chu pe mai ang, anin a duh chiang sa! :D

virgochhas said...

Going home???

When...lucky you...

BTW, bootiful pictures...

Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View ah khan tu dang ngai lo in hmangaih ber nen in kai i la, kal hnek hnek i la...nuam awm reuh


Alistair Cambell said...

Hmmm...XYZ company's lost a freak:(

Sundancer said...

Virgo - in pa nen tarmit bun re raw in han kal dun ula in inhmeh ngawt ang :)

Sundancer said...

Sad isn't it mr.cambell? The world's running short of proper freaks, we're an endangered species :D