06 April 2006

Look Ma, No Calories!

Consider this your lucky day! I'm gonna share a precious secret with you - my recipe for the easiest-to-make-ever-yet-nutritious-non-fattening drink!
And it's also money-saving, since all you'll need are only two things...
You will need:
(1) A can of vegetable juice.[Princess! That's me!]

..of vile concoctions that is..

(2) A can of Diet Coke!
Now follow these simple steps:
(1) Pour the vegetable juice into a glass, or any container that happens to be handily around, but make sure that it's one you'll be able to drink from..not to mention clean enough to put your lips to.

Next, add the Diet Coke, half or all of it, depending on how well you like that stuff.
And voila! You're done!
Your high-energy low-calorie drink is ready! And guess what? It even looks delicious..as you can see!
Akshay loves it!
'O for a beaker full of the warm South, the true, the blissful Hippocrene..'
This was Akshay before my Power Drink. Lethargic to the extent that he had to wear a bicycle helmet even while sitting idly at his desk!
(..in case he keels over and dies. We'd want to send him off to his funeral pyre with his skull intact)

And Ta-daaa!
Akshay after drinking my Power Drink.
My drink revived him so well he even went on to play (...and lose) several rounds of foosball with Paul!

The logic behind the drink given here as follows:
Vegetable Juice = Gross + Nutritious
Diet Coke = OK + Lacking in nutrients
Vegetable Juice + Diet Coke = OK + Nutritious
The coke makes the juice 'drinkable'. And it fills you up. Drink down a whole glass of that and you won't feel like eating for hours aferwards.
And where temptations such as this ^ abounds, it's important to eat/drink something that makes you feel pukey so nothing else will go down. And my drink does just that, make you want to puke! I'm a genius, Lewis Carroll ain't the only one around it seems :-)


virgochhas said...


lady...am gonna try dat and if itz not gud..ur gonna buy me a pint of beer...

and oh...is dat the famouse phoenix??....


Sundancer said...

It certainly is! Ka lo biak ang che chu :-)

PhoeniX said...

Hi Virgo...a 100 points to you for guessing Phoenix out! Yeah, it is none other than the Phoenix!!!

Sundancer, you are soooo dead!
1. For forcing Akshay to wear that Martian helmet and accusing him of wearing it at his desk.
2. For harboring plans of taking him to the funeral!!! not to forget the intact skull consideration.
3. For furnishing wrong info about a foosball match (HOW COULD YOU?!)..Akshay lost 1 game I agree. The rest he easily won against Paul. The doubles too were won by him and his team mate!

What could go in your favor and save you from punishment is the excellent logic that you give about the great drink!

It hardly gave Akshay the 'power' to break free and the look on his face is proof enough of how much he enjoyed it!!! lol..

Eventually, a great, fun, creative post! After all, as I always say, the subjects make all the difference...whether a post or a pic..he heee

Shankari said...

me want it too!

Sundancer said...

Phoenix, is Akshay a third person that you have to stand up for? :-)
Shankari, get over here and I'll drown you with Power Drink a la J! ;-)

virgochhas said...

a in lai lang kha tunge?....

hi Akshay...hold on..am gonna read ur blog... :D

Sundancer said...

In tu kha maw? Akshay kha nih kha, Phoenix ni bawk..

virgochhas said...

hmuihmul a nei elaw..lolz... hrilh miah suh ka soi hi.. lolz :D :P

Sundancer said...

Nei e, tenawm tak tak, Mallu ho hi chu, hmuihmul tel lo hian an thaw thiam lo ni berin ka hria hehe

virgochhas said...


mallu ho chu mahse an changkang ka ti tlatz..

mahse hmuihmul chu ka ten xong tak mai hi ania...

eki b'lore ah i xin vel elaw sala..a fair lo khupz mai aw... :P