30 April 2006

Buenos tardes!

Time for an update. And fast, because I might fall off my chair any moment now. My Saturday night dates with Count Dracula gets extremely tiring sometimes, it's not easy flying around in the dark, especially if you're not a bat like him.
I have been working my ass off these past few weeks. I got a stupid project on my hands that's taking forever to get done. Bosses are cool but I can feel the impatience burning in their eyes. But what bosses sometimes seem to miss out on is that beneath those neatly compressed files and folders are colossal messes. You have to look behind the pretty files and glitzy sheets to know how much of a time-taker they really are. And what sometimes bothers me is that we are all so darned polite all the time about it, we are so polite it freaks me out.
'How's X going Jerusha?' **smile smile**
I say something.
'So how much longer do you think it'll take?**more smiles**
I offer to explain what's been going on 'blah blah..I'm sorry but I think I'm gonna need more time' I finally manage to say...
'Oh no it's perfectly fine, I understand **smile some more** (and I swear the smile looks genuine this time), but do you need any help?'
*trying not to look insulted* 'I just need more time..'
I may sound like I'm complaining but I'm really not. I just want to get this thing done and over with and off my hands. I'm actually quite grateful that they're so cool despite the fact that they think I'm already letting it take up too much of my time. I'm not overly worried though, I know there's no one who'd do a better job than me :)
Okay, enough about work, let's move on to more interesting stuffs, like a certain Mr.F for example. Saw him again and I still think he's very, very nice to look at..there's just no denying that. And all you evil people out there who are just waiting for me to write something like this so you can accuse me of drunk blogging again, hold your tongues! It's 3:46 in the PM on a Sunday, no time to be intoxicated. I'm as sober as the pope. And I still say he's hot, F that is, not the pope, not that he's not, the pope that is...oh forget it! Anyway, all you chicas out there in Delhi and elsewhere, you don't know what you're missing out on! But let me be frank, this is one time I'm glad you lerh types are not here with me. Less competition that way. I get to eat and enjoy the cake all by myself! :-)
And oh, I think I should also mention that I've taken up Spanish lessons, not in a big way but enough to be able to converse with people soon ( a certain Spanish speaking guy I know who's name starts with the letter F for instance)...I hope. I have learned some already -
Hola, como estas?
Como se llamas tu futura espossa?

Not really all that useful though...
I'm awful with languages, I think I may have to give up soon. Then again, maybe I'm only saying that because I'm just too sleepy now.
So I should get off the computer now and get my beauty sleep. Hasta luego! (I think)


MockingBird said...

Keeping deadlines, missing deadlines, monumental pressures, grated nerves… God, don’t I just love sabbaticals!

Hey, wait! Are they showing Fredrix Reloaded on Jerusha TV? :p LOL!

virgochhas said...

you chicas out there in Delhi - we get da message

I'm glad you lerh types are not here with me - who u talking to, lady....

Less competition - we know... we know... had we been there, u wont haf a chance to haf a slice of da cake :D

a certain Spanish speaking guy I know who's name starts with the letter F for instance - thot u said e's Italian ..duh!!

best o luck on ur Spanish...

sayonara (i think..!)

Sundancer said...

Bird, this world would be a finer place if there were no deadlines to meet. Bear with my reloads :)
Virg, Sayonara is Japanese! ...I think :) And yeah, I did say he's Italian and he IS Italian, but he speaks Italian and Spanish and very little English. Weighted my options..Spanish sounds easier. His real name is Fabrizio. You like Mario Puzo type guys don't you? Michael Moretti, Cross - come out here lady, you're going to love him!
And as for the competition thingy, forget what I wrote. Why don't you all fly out here tomorrow? I like winning and I like to win fair and square. :DDD
Lerh thingy - one is enough for Hyderabad ;-)

illusionaire said...

With Count Dracula?

Is that the nickname of the guy who kept on giving you those love bites on your neck everytime you make out just to boost up his male ego? :-)

Sundancer said...

Illusionaire, no, I've never made out with the Count! And besides, he told me he doesn't believe in purple love bites...

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