17 April 2006


Braving hostile Rajkumar fans and streets littered with broken glasses, I packed my bags and ran off to Bangalore last weekend. I felt it was a wrong time to go - Good Friday, Easter, Rajkumar etc etc..but I had to go, I was going insane!

Here with good friend Zorin

And guess who turned up in the middle of the night?
Yep! None other than the great Sandman!

Someone had to struggle with a cheap bottle of Merlot and a vegetable knife again :-)

A very spirited Tetei teaching Saii a lesson in wrestling.

The results of cheap wine - gives excess physical energy to some people.

Some just lie down and softly laugh in glee for no reason at all..

While some just let go and go drift off to never never land!


virgochhas said...

in in massage dan vel chuh!...

a xen thuk hmel riau kha..lolz :P

Sundancer said...

hey virg, hla nalh I tan liau liau download turin ka rawn dah ang misual ah lo en rawh..

virgochhas said...

thil dang daih an soi jaih ah... sunday inkhawm hun ah ka hrilh don :P :D

illusionaire said...

ha ha virgo you wish! :-P

Hey Jerusha, I just love those Xorini's pics :-)

virgochhas said...

trong theih vang pawh ni lo in ...a thu phung mai mai in kan hrilh tengg :P

Anonymous said...

FYI guys those bottles in my pic are'nt mine..I have gone teetotaller...Jerush pls remove it