03 June 2011

Have birthday, will travel

I've just realised that my little blog has been around for almost 6 years! Hurrah for the longest standing relationship I've ever had with anything. We've come a long way together!

Having said that, I know I have been ignoring it on a major scale, and that is because I have become a robot. Robots don't have much to say except what they've been programmed to do or say. And blogging isn't one of the things I've been programmed to do lately. (And how is it that my computer flags contractions for misspellings when even my lowlier phone totally understands them!? T'is unfathomable indeed!)

Anyway, the latest in this robot's long line of missions is to fly to Singapore and I am leaving tonight. Yay! Work of course, but travel is travel. I got to spend my birthday last year in Tokyo, and another exotic birthday this year in Singapore officially makes me the girl you've always envied! :-) Another Sales Conference, and again I'm lucky enough to get a few extra days so I'm going to actually be able to check out Bintan in Indonesia before I head to Singapore.

In fact that was the only real reason behind this blog post, to talk about my trip. The first para is really just balderdash. I always feel I have to write something before I get on an airplane no matter what. And I really didn't want to make it seem like I'm bragging about my fancy birthdays even though I obviously am.

And if all upcoming birthdays mean a new exciting location each time, then bring on the birthdays! I'm all for growing old. (Come to think of it, even minus exotic locations, who wouldn't be for growing old. Better than dying isn't it?)

I used to make looong birthday wish lists but alas! I am now too tired and weary with the weight of ages on my back to do something like that. But if I could pick one thing I would really love to do on my birthday, it's this....


caribou said...

Keiin thla tlemte blog ka siam ve dek dek a, ka thaw lian ve em em a, nang lah kum 6 zet blog i lo buaipui tawh a, ka te chem chemin ka hria.

Mizohican said...

Have a ball on your birthday in Singapore. Hope you have a happy ending :D

And oohhh... that pic... you give a whole new definition to the mile high club :D


Alejendro said...

Happy birthday

mesjay said...

Happy happy (belated) birthday! Hope you have a grand time in S'pore. I was there for 25 days in 2007 and fell quite in love with it, but see no chance of getting back there now.

Hmelthatea said...

good, as always..

Jerusha said...

Caribou - a kum lam hi a tam na a a quality lamah a tam ve leh vak lo thung alawm. Nangni chu in blog in vawng tha a, ka uluk lo lutuk a a sipisial na tur a tibo vek alawm

KIms - LOL How how how? How do you manage to make everything sound so...lurid?! BUt thank you. I had a ball. Not the one you meant, the family safe type :)

Jerusha said...

Alej - thank you ka nau! I bicycle sen te nen khan rawn leng la helamah LOL

Mesjay - thanks! Singapore was crazy, it was super fun. I'd been there once before, didn't like it too much. This trip certainly redeemed the city to me :) The great singapore sale was on and I lost a lot of weight just shopping lol and also lost a lot of wallet weight haha

Hmelthate - thank you! I lo leng a ka lawm e

MRalte said...

Lo zin leh daih zel a!!!! Englekhawle Happy Birthday!! KTP i over terp tawh ang chu maw LoL... Nang zawng i frank a, i kum zat kum te chuan an birthday hi an lawm tum hmuk zel an ti...

ku2 said...

Happy Blated!! And fly some more!

Jerusha said...

Mralte - kei chu ka teen years birthday vel ai kha chuan ka senior birthday ho hi nuam ka ti zawk. Khang hun lai kha ngaihna pakhat mah ka nei lo. Birthday tum chung a lawm ho chu ka birthdya lawm ang hi chuan lawm ve se tumah an tum lo ang :) Birthday lawm nawm leh nawm loh te chu a kum lam a ni lo, tum I hriat chu ka hnenah rawn thawn rawh ka lo hrilh harh vek ang :))

Kus - thank you!

Krista Roluahpuia said...

I blog hming avang hian ka lo tlan lut nal nal a... I birthday chungchang lo ni leh hlauh bawka a lawmawm e.

Birthday chibai le! Hriselna tha Pathianin pe che rawh se!

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DayDreamBeliever said...

Happy birthday, Jerusha! I've been really irregular on the blog scene, so here's me also offering belated congratulations on the final scan results. You're right, you're officially one of the women I envy the most right now. In fact, any chance I could come join your company and if they'll offer me those great getaways too? Have fun. Sky-diving doesn't do it for me though :p

ilovecreativehome said...

happy birthday,i even i am that you have gone to so many country for a vist

rocky said...

hi nice to meet u