16 June 2011

Frogs legs and geoducks

I'm back and I can't wait to brag about this - I finally ate a geoduck!! I'm super excited that I got to eat something I've only ever read about and saw on TV. Don't know what a geoduck is? This is a geoduck.

These phallic looking creatures are actually clams. I've never seen an..ahem..elephant's penis but I'm pretty sure elephant penises look like this.

Anyway, I've read about geoducks, endlessly pored over their pictures, and I have always been grossed out by their worminess and leechiness and caterpillariness and general disgustingness, but yet...also strangely fascinated by this very grossness. So I decided that I wanted to eat it :-) So it was a very nice surprise when we walked in to this seafood restaurant, and the first thing I saw was this on their tank -

This is what they look like after they're cooked. It's a good thing they're cut up, that's the only way I'd eat them. If they were served whole, gak! All I'd be able to think of is Armin Meiwes.

But this was yum. Stir fry with chives and pine nut, they taste almost like chicken but with a penis texture :D (because I'm sure if you cook penis, this is what the texture would be like.)

And these were the best prawns I've ever had in my entire life, and I have eaten a LOT of prawns. Plain boiled prawns. When will we ever learn in India that food can be better without spice overdose sometimes? A lot of times in fact...

And next we have frog legs with ginger. Again I thought it tasted a bit like chicken, just softer and more amphibian-y :P I wasn't a big fan. I liked the frog legs (and all other edible parts) back from my childhood days cooked in an empty 'khaini' can over an open makeshift fire on the 'banks of the Chite lui' better :-)

And this is again another dish I won't forget any time soon. It's called Soon Hock, don't know what it's called in English. Steamed fish if done right I will pick over Sunday morning pork any day. Okay this site says Soon Hock is "kind of fish that is highly priced for its exceptional steamed texture"

Okay that's all about food. Now I just want to show you some pictures of the resort we stayed in in Bintan, Indonesia. Pretty waters, pretty resort!

As you can see, even the rooms are pretty nice.
View from my room -

For anyone who plan on taking a vacation soon - this place costs only Rs 1700 a night. Yeah I know, unbelievable. If I was a married person with kids, I'd take my family here. If I was single, no. Unless I'm going with a big group. I'm not a big fan of manicured lawns and stuff like that on a holiday, I like them wild and uncultivated - to an extent.

Fun trip. And of course, the highlight of it all is definitely the geoduck meal. You know, a geoduck may be disgusting to look at but it's actually very tasty and it is not the most disgusting thing I've eaten. That esteemed position goes to the raw pig uterus I ate in Tokyo. Most disgusting by far in every aspect - taste, texture, smell, and looks.

What's the grossiest thing you've ever eaten?


caribou said...

Duhlian tawng bawkin aw ni ang...... Tuipui kam thlalak khi a va romantic ve le. Mitthla ah Goan beaches leh Mumbai beaches ho an lang uai uai mai.

Kaikuang kanro khi a tui hmel lutuk, ka chil a ti put. Thlalak hmasa lam ami khi chu.... i sawi ang deuh khian vangvat leh sai englo a ang mah mah, ei atan chuan ka trih deuh reuh. Lui lam sa ah chuan sangha leh kaikuang hi tui ti takin ka ei thin. A bak zawng hi chu ka ngaina em em lo.

Suhel Banerjee said...

I have this magnetic attraction towards blog posts talking about unusual food, especially new kinds of animals, fish and brids. When they come with pictures of the dishes I can't help but comment! Will definitely try the frogs out now, last time I saw them in a Singapore aquarium they didn't look anywhere near tempting.

By the way, he strangest dish I have tried is...I guess, Kangaroo meat. Maybe Turtle meat? Yeah, those two. I know, doesn't sound adventurous enough. Need to work on that.

Jerusha said...

Caribou - a beach leh lodgings han cheimawi lamah chuan an sang, kan tluk lo hle. Mahse an boring khat tlat. Kan ram lam ai chuan an nei changkang deuh, mahse nawm lamah min tluk lo thung ka ti mai :)

Khi kaikuang khi chu tui full tih mai loh chu sawi vak ka thiam lo. Ka ngainat avang hian ka ei nasa a mahse khi zet khi chu dan a dang zar. Chuan thil tenawm khi cu hahah keipawh a hmel khi chu ka tih, mahse plate ah chansawm vek a an rawn dah chuan ka ei thei mai

Jerusha said...

Suhel, thanks for dropping in! Even I'm forever reading starnge foods/fruits lists too. You should definitely try thwe frogs legs but I have to warn you if you're looking for the bizarre, this is not bizarre looking or bizarre tasting at all.

Congrats on the Kangaroo meat haha. I patted myself on the back after I first tried it. I've never had turtle though but would love to..

MRalte said...

Mi i awhthik ni ta berin ka hria. Bik bik a... Min la hruai ve ang che auh

jay-me said...

Back in my hostel days, we were secluded in a jungle, sharing our miserable lives with mosquitoes and leeches. Our ration was limited and being overtly isolated from civilization, we retreated to our primitive habits. We hunted and often fought over crickets(perhpawng, dik em??) which we roasted over candles and ate. It was a delicacy then but now, makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. This elephant's p* also has the same queasy effect for me, sorry heh :)). But i looooveeee this destination, its awesome, lucky you!!

mnowluck said...

first pic i capture dan hi a profe viau.. Nawm hmel hle mai

H.Vangchhia said...

Thu i thiam phian mai, chhiar anuam e.

Hetiang hmun hi thlalakah a mawi duh ngawt mai :D

Joseph L said...

Wow!! Nice *slurp*

On dirty thought - Eating a tandoori geoduck from the tip, gay! :-)

Hmelthatea said...

ka van han ei ve chhin chak tak em aw? A tui hlawm ngawt ang ka ring. Test ve chhin nan reng reng, a chung ber-a mi khi lo SMS teh! lol, Thlalak i thiam in, i thuziah chhiar a nuam thei khawp mai,..

Jerusha said...

Mrals - lucky ticket ka man hunah ka la hruai ve ang che haha

Jay- me - haha me too!!! Not hostel days but back in those days, I've tried the perhpawng several times but I remember only good things. I wouldn't say no if I were to be offered one leg by a kid who had just finished roasting it over a candle :). Btw, the whole perhpawng = cricket thing, maybe because I'm no longer sure of how the perhpawng looks like, the cricket of today doesn't resemble the perhpawng of my memories at all...Would love to know for sure!

Jerusha said...

Mnow - first pic khi chu ka swipe anih khi, from some random website on the net :)

Vangchhia - lo leng lut a I ti lawmawm e. Nia tiraw, a tak a nuam vak lo pawh hi thlalak ah chuan lo ti leh puak thin

Jerusha said...

Father - "from the tip" hahah - a porn tawp. A pum chuan ka ei thei lo ang ka rap

Hmelthahte - nia tiang thil mak hriat ngai loh leh hmuh mai mai tur awm lo hi chu keipawh ei chhin zel ka tum haha A rep te zuar se chu Zoram lama hawn hial a tan ka duh asin

Jerusha said...


just because I don't like the number 13