27 January 2011

Templates and iPads and iPhones

I got me a new template with a slightly wider text box. Yay! That's a small 'yay' because it's not what I had in mind but it's better than nothing. I just picked the first template I saw, changed a few things here and there...and I know I said no frills et al but I saw this with the pretty flowers and had to have it. And they're pansies (one may be a nasturtium). And I love pansies. They take me to a nice warm sunny place. Somewhere like Nancy Sinatra's Sugar Town. I love that song but I've always wondered about the meaning. Is it about drugs?

One hitch - I can't change the blog archive link color. Anyone knows how to?

I was just going to write about the template but lemme share a quick screenshot. It's from an email thread about when/where to meet up for dinner the other day. This one friend 'S' wrote:

You see how that 'Sent from my iPad' is even more visible than the message itself? I know..aaarrgggh! right? 'Sent from my iPhone/Blackberry/iPad' messages makes you want to send the sender to outer space. Anyway, when another iPhone-less and iPad-less friend 'N' and I read the email, N decided enough was enough and sent back this reply:

Don't you just love 'N'?

By the way, what do you think of my cow drawing? It's a dignified cow with a green scarf :-)


Nags said...

hahahaha :D

Shirley said...


Brilliant piece of work 'N' :P I'm dying from the brilliance of it all

illusionaire said...

The color of your font will be in the CSS, if there is no option to change it directly.

Its not just the iPeople, but the BB peeps, the Android peeps etc who use that signature "Sent from my..." Even I used to use it for sometime :D Its just a matter of deactivating your signature.

More than a class/status, it was useful back then to know that your boss or client is replying from her blackberry so she wont have much time to check the brief/concept etc. Nowadays, with so many people having a smart phone and easy gprs connection, nobody uses it anymore (at least in my circle of friends). Its outdated now :)

I used to reply *sent from my desktop* too. lolz.

Nice cow drawing too. haha.

Jerusha said...

Nags - is that a iPad user laugh or a iPad-less laugh? haha

Shirls - You know N. Always delivers :)

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! Best use of MSPaint I've seen so far, or did you use Google Docs? hehe.
I think changing the link color on Blogspot is from the Advanced > Links menu where you can choose the Link, Visited and Hover colors.
And don't fret about the "Sent from my " thing, it loses its charm after a while. Its mostly the new users who just got the damn device or old ones who still don't know where to change the setting and are stuck with it. :P

Jerusha said...

Thanks Kims O invisible one! I'm on my second android and I have never used that stupid signature :P But yeah I've seen people use that too. I'm glad you like my cow :)

Blakest - haha Paint of course, I stick what I learned in computer kindergarten :) Thanks for the help, lemme fiddle around and see what I can come up with.

illusionaire said...

Cool. :) And its a beautiful cow.

*commented from my Android device*

Jerusha said...

LOL Kims! I will never forget that you really used to have that signature. Forgive me if I look at you a strangely next time we meet :)

Alejendro said...


Congrats!! Mahse very bright... mit a ti kham hman trep.

Jerusha said...

Now that you mention it...I think it is rather too bright. I wonder if I changing only the font color will helop

Alejendro said...

A font hi thlak la, nawinawk ber kher lo hi hmang la a zia mai ang.

Shirley said...

I have a feeling I've succumbed.

I'll justify it though. I've been sending so many emails from the phone lately (curt, capitals missing, punctuations amiss) - I thought it best to put down the fact that I am in fact not at the luxury of typing out a well defined message. I shall send you an email with my latest 'sent from android' signature.