21 January 2011

Need a new template. Help?

Okay I need a little help. I'm looking for a new blog template and I've been looking and looking and I just can't seem to find the type I have pictured in my mind. I saw some wordpress themed ones that I like but I'm really fond of my raggedy blogspot site. If you have any suggestions, I'll be happy to hear them.

All I want is a big text box, where I can write a few sentences without it looking like the longest and windingest post in the world. I'm also particular about background color - must be white/light colored. And 'About me' column preferably on the left hand side of the page...Annndd no frills, no glittery butterflies, no shiny fairies, no colorful flowers. Just a plain, no-nonsense template - but not too severe or boring or plain :P

See such a simple template :-)

Or if any of the tech-savvier types out there is interested in making customized templates, I'm happy to pay for it.


illusionaire said...

Haha read this post of mine where I mentioned that I am using the same template YOU are using, 5 years ago. lolz. You and I are one of the very few people still using this “Rounders 4” template design by Douglas Bowman. haha.


I feel like a dinosaur reading that post again. lolz. Have done an analysis of your blog template too :)

illusionaire said...

Ps. Don't change your template plz. I love this and it identifies you, after all these years. I can make the same changes for you that I did to my blog too as its the exact same template. You can even read the instructions in the post I mentioned above and do it yourself.

thinchhia said...

ka lo design sak ang che, nang i ni bawk a Rs 500 ni mai.hehe

Alejendro said...

I duh dan sawi la, ka lo design sak ang che.

Jerusha said...

Kims - I get the whole identifying thing. I actually feel a little sad about changing but like you said, it's downright prehistoric. And the text box bothers me :(

Thinchhia - haha Rs 50 in min lo design la :P

Alej - I template siam tur chu a romantic awm e mai ka hre sa

Alejendro said...

nia.. rose par vel chhuai a nia ka rilru ah rawn lang nghal :-P

sawmpuia said...

a pawh len tet theih vek lom..very ho dun worry.. Vawksa leila min sawmla kan siam dawn nia.. Ting3

dearleader said...

Love the new template. The old one, as Web designers would call it, just took too much of screen real estate...ehh! ;)

Kima's an old-timer and he doesn't know a thing of the trends being followed by 'today's' Web designers - let him stick to his HTML. So, Left ear in, Right ear out!...feel me?

Oh, the fonts are too gray - pure black would just do fine.

"I'm not cute or built to ..." etc hi a rei tawh bawk.

/my 2 rupees :)

Jerusha said...

Pureleader - I was going to remove Angelou's quote but forgot. Thanks for the reminder! :) You can check out my 'About me' section now and breathe a sigh if relief on seeing that you will no longer see that I'm no longer cute or built to fit a fashion model's size :) Will get to the font color later. many thanks for the feedback!

Jerusha said...

Wth?! Pureleader? LOL I meant Dearleader of course :)

illusionaire said...

Its like somebody calling out desperately to people around him, call me "Leader" please, call me "DearLeader" I beg you, I don't even mind if you call me "PureLeader", anything will do, just call me... types :D

*Evil Grin*

But I agree with him on one thing. Its high time you remove that quote :D

dearleader said...

Oye Jeru, you're 'still' the same 'cute cute' - a quote hi thlak tawh la ka tihna. "I am a blah blah blah...." hmuh reng hi a ninawm :)
I would've thought you guys had slept. But considering the 'super duper fast' Rajnikant reply, I smell something
Oh well..

Change the quote with this one ->
"If I had a penny for every time somebody asks me yada yada..."!

A cute si, a season si! :D

No wonder 'all of us' hardly comment 'in that blog' anymore - as if TV/Website advertising weren't
enough, that blog bombards me with
"traiblazer" advertising and facebook 'likes' and 'shares' :D

"PureLeader"...thra lutuks...an avatar is born! :D