27 December 2010

Counting my 2010 blessings

I'm leaving for Mizoram tomorrow with the family to spend some time with the rest of the family. Sort of excited about the new year, hoping for a lot of bad things to go away this new year. Also partly dreading it because I'm scared that the bad things will continue to stay or even get worse.

Anyway no matter what, I still think 2009's been a pretty good year. Things got crazy there towards the end of the year for sure, but even those brought so many good things with them undeniably. I'm not in the best of spirits now to be honest but I intend this post to be a strictly thanksgiving post so yeah let's see....

Okay, 2009 - the year of the great cancer attack. Gah! Not wanted. At all. But it's also been the year of the fabulous Japan trip! And don't forget the very important promotion...and soo many wonderful things that came throughout the year.

But mostly I'm so thankful for the people in my life. Like the friends and cousin whose bloods pump through my veins right now. Literally.

Or that wonderful lady who lit a candle for me in the beautiful St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.

And special friends who knew enough to give you a Poe while everyone else is forcing self-help books down your throat.

And my grandma who cries on my the phone and makes me sad but softens my heart every time we talk on the phone.

And that friend who sent me Australian health supplements all the way from Melbourne. In fact, made his grandpa send it to me because he was not even in Australia to do it himself. Just because he hopes it will help me beat cancer.

And Zimi the Indian who sent me Zorba the greek so I would have something good to read while I was recuperating and bored in bed.

And my dad who sends the right messages at the right time and lift my spirits.

And my mom who is and has always been my ultimate pillar of strength.

And all the people who come to my blog and leave inspiring messages that gives me faith and hope.

And the rest of my family who keeps calling even when I don't want to talk :P

...and it's impossible to write down all the truly thoughtful things that people have done for me. I'm a bit sad that I can't think of too many nice things I've done for others. That will be one of my new year resolution.

Well I'm going to sleep now because I'm tired. And while I brush my teeth, let me upload a few pictures.

This one's from tonight, took the family out for a last Hyderabadi dinner for the year at Sahib Sindh Sultan.

Christmas day, St. George's Church
And my new favorite person and I at the park :) And yes, he makes me laugh. Like a perfect little gentleman.
This new favorite person also now accompanies me on all my evening walks. It's going to be lonely walking by myself when he's gone.
Have a wonderful new year everyone!


virgochhas said...

you mean 2010? :D :P

have a happy holiday and a wonderful new year...

Hi! said...

beautiful is the word. :)

Toothlesswink said...

And here's something to cheer u up. I did a search for 'best personal blogs' and there was the dignified cow on top!

virgochhas said...

topic chauh i change a...a post chhungah 2009 i ti vek tho si :P

Jerusha said...

Virgo - hehe I know. I was editing from my phone in the airport and somehow I could edit only the title so I just left the typo in the main post as is and kept my fingers crossed that you'd forgive me for it :P

Toothlesswink - wowees! That certainly did lift the downtrodden spirit :)) Thank you very much for dropping in.

Anonymous said...

Have a healthy and great year ahead.

big regards,

VaiVa said...

Happy new year hotunu! Rawn haw leh thuai rawh khai

mesjay said...

Happy new year! Wishing you good health and more blessings this year.

ku2 said...

Heyyy, happy new year. Ive lately been musing on the phrase "Beauty for ashes" and somehow you kept cropping into my head. I think that about says all that I wanna say :)

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