22 July 2010

Tagged - 10 things about a guy that makes my heart skip a beat

Following up on Aduhi's tag with gusto. Here's my list of the ten things I love about men and if you know of a guy where all of these ten qualities come together in divine splendor, please get me his number :)

1. Nice hands with clean nails (Aduh, I swear I'm not copying from you!). I want his hands to look like an intellectual's even if he's a monkey wrench by profession.

2. I don't like it when a man yaps more than a woman. Which is really unfair of me I guess, being such a talker myself. Maybe when it's just the two of us it's fine, but if we're in a group and I look across the table at a yakkity-yakking man, that's not something that's going to make me burn for him.

3. I'd love it if he loves animals as much as I do so we can happily watch Animal Planet together :) And if he could share my passion for dogs, he'd be God in my eyes but even if he doesn't, I don't want him to put 'food' and 'dogs' in the same category.

4. Funny is a must. Not just in the 'make me laugh' way, but I want to see him doubling up with laughter at my little inane jokes.

5. Hearty appetite's important too. There is something uber sexy about a man eating food, lots of it. (And you also know all that food's going to be converted into energy ;-))

6. A man obsessed with fashion and excessive personal grooming is very off-putting for me. I don't want my man to smell more feminine than I do, or his hair has more highlights than mine, or more mousse, you know, the works. I'm including this here because there's so many of these types these days, damn those beauty mags madly promoting the metrosexual male!@

7. A certain degree of intelligence. Doesn't necessarily have to be 'educated' with fancy degrees but just possesses some natural smarts. Dumb is not sexy.

8. I think I've fallen in love with men just for the beauty of the words that come out of their mouths so yeah, I don't like it but I'm an absolute sucker for clever little wordsmiths.

9. Harworking. It's not like I expect him to do the laundry or cook or anything, but I want him to walk into his office and put everyone to shame. Lazy men who can just sleep all day and night - a very big NO!

10. Middle eastern accents :D There. I said it. You can stone me now.


Alejendro said...

1. My nails are always well trimmed.

2. I can talk, talk and talk till the dawn when I'm all alone with someone, but I prefer to listen someone else's titi when I'm with a group.

3. Oh!!! I love watching animals in their nature... I can do it all day, all night. And for the last line, I don't eat meat.. for the love of animals :-) (I wasn't born vegan, I choose to be one)

4. I laughed on their lame jokes just to make them happy. :-P

5. Oh!!!! I eat a lot for my size :-P

6. I don't care much about fashion, I've my own style.

7. I sure don't have any fancy degree but I'm not sure if you'd call me SMART.

8. Don't know. :P

9. I do the laundry myself, I love to cook and love to do household chores if I'm free. I stay Over time at work sometimes :-P

10. :-( Not possible.

Jerusha said...

Alej - wow you've been right here and I didn't know. So what's your number? hahah @ "10. :-( Not possible" - c'mon, accents can be learned, you're already almost the perfect man :)

Alejendro said...

What number do you want?? Shoe's number? House number?? The number of gf I had??? If you are ready to teach me I'm ready to learn... :-) P.S. I'm a good learner.... :-P

aduhi said...

A few similarities here and there (with my list), but can you blame women for liking hardworking animal-loving men with clean hands?

Yep, I too don't like motormouths and guys who laugh like women. And the worst of the species are the bragging types.

vana said...

Ekhai! All these quality. Huiz.

ku2 said...

Hehe, universal loves- animal-loving, unmetrosexual, intelligent, humorous men :))

Jerusha said...

Alej - how about your credit card number? :P

Aduh - No braggers! And yes, that's how the female gene was created I guess, clean hands loving, rugged men adoring DNAs :)

Jerusha said...

Pu Van - a ziah a ziah lam ah na na hi chuan kan uar deuh hlak hi nuam ve law :)

Ku - I'm just wondering why metrosexual is made out to be so cool when no woman I know likes that..

virgochhas said...

hands...hahaha...i detest men with small hands...small frailly fingers like women is a NO NO for me...

i hate it when men apply nail polish only on one finger nail...its soo gayish...and i hate men with long nail only on their pinky finger or thumb...it looks sooo dirty...even if its clean

men eating dog meat...i find it quite manly :D

Alejendro said...

aye... I don't survive in Credits :-)

ron said...

i think u will like www.cupidserivces.blogspot.com its got all the romance ideas ..

mario said...

super fain