21 July 2010

Check out my new blog, pretty please with sugar on top :)

This is an invitation to all the ladies to please visit my (co-owned with others) new site Shaolin Monkee's Blog. Don't judge it by the name, it just pulled that from my username which is a username I use across my favorite sites like eBay :) and I haven't bothered to change it.

It's just a place for the chicas to swap ideas and tips on where and how to shop etc etc. It's fun. Check it out. Anyone can be a contributor as well so that's an added bonus. And because I'm lazy, for more details, I'll just copy paste the blog's 'About' section -

I’m making this blog so the ‘real’ average Indian women can talk about affordable and cheap women things because beauty magazines insist on making us believe that the average Indian woman earn 4 lakhs a month or all have money-laden generous daddies or millionaire boyfriends and they make me angry because they write about affordable shoes for the real Indian women while listing out Rs 20,000 shoes and ugly dresses that cost Rs 35,000 and Rs 7500 bras and Rs 5000 compacts but we the real average Indian women know that they are just being ditzy because in reality it’s just dumb and for a single really average clothes-and-shoes-and-cosmetics-loving Indian chick the things they say you must own would only lead to us sleeping out on the streets. Whew. Yep. Real life. And this is a really average Indian girl speaking.

Any men who might want to hop and skip over, you're also welcome :-)


Alejendro said...

Gosh!!! I'm sure gonna love this :-P

Mos-a said...

Nia a dik. Even some of the Male Fashion mags have outrageously priced items listed in their "Must Buy" sections. I mean there is no wy in this world I'm ever gonna purchase a $10,0000 Watch for myself. :(

Retheih hi chu a van hrehawm tawk em.

Jerusha said...

Alej - haha I'm glad you're being the man professing your future love for my new site :P

Mos - Tiang mags ho hi a mak ka ti ngawt mai, mahse buyers an hmu miau sia. Ka ngaih dan chuan an western and european counterparts te ang a lan changkan an chak mai mai niin ka hria..

Rethei hi chu nuam lem lo khawp mai!

ku2 said...

My recent purchases: 2nd hand boyfriend jacket for Rs. 20.
Cloggy sandals for 250.
Flats for 350.
Churchy top for Rs. 70.

So I totally looove your blog :)

Jerusha said...

Ku - thank you. Your latest buys makes you sound like you'd be a great contributor. Interested? :) You can be our Mizoram correspondent!