04 June 2010

This fantasticacity that is my life :P

(I know fantasticacity is not a word, but I couldn't care less right now. In any case, I think it should be.)

In other news.......woohoo! Check out my sweet new Nexus One!

That's right! Yours truly has been gifted one last Christmas by her employer. Doesn't matter if it came 5 months late. My LG phone sucks and I've been hating it forever and it is falling apart and I will be glad to be able to finally dump it. Off with the old, on with the new and many cheers to the shiny new Nexus!

And I'll also finally be flying tonight to Tokyo with my free tickets with my new Android buddy that I got for free. I will think of you all when I hit it up in Tokyo. I will try to remember what about my life makes me unhappy when I check in to my free swanky hotel room. I will try to miss everyone while sipping Champagne on the luxurious poolside. Heck, maybe I'll even say out loud 'I miss Hyderabad..' while watching the sun rise sitting on top of Mt. Fuji. And while I'm soaking in the volcanic hot springs on the island of Shikinejima, I may even sigh sadly and wipe a pretend tear from my face.

Har har har! :D

Who are we kidding? We all know I will not think of India or any of you at all for the one week that I'm there. No offence. But you know, when you think about the fantasticness that is my life, you'll see I can be forgiven for it all.

Now don't go envy me too much though. My life isn't as awesome as I make it sound like. I'm photosensitive and it's true sometimes I get bad headaches. See? Not perfect at all :P

Anyway, jokes aside, I am really happy to be getting this phone, and super excited about Japan. I've got a packed schedule waiting for me, and I can't wait to come back and tell you all about it! (And I'm only teeny weeny slightly uneasy about the dream). Keep me in your prayers and wish me luck!

And to share with you the prayer I'll be keeping in mind (knowing my crazy ups and downs and the unpredictability of life) -

When I think I'm going under, part the waters Lord
When I feel the waves around me, calm the sea
When I cry for help, O hear me Lord and hold out your hand
Touch my life, still the raging storm in me



Alejendro said...

I've noticed you mentioned FREE a whole lotta time. This question pop up in my head. Are you for FREE?? :-P

Jerusha said...

Alej - Of course I am for free! What a silly question. If you've ever heard of the saying 'the best things in life are free' then you wouldn't have to ask that question :)

ku2 said...

hmmm, you bounced back from confusion in a hurry. I don't envy you the phone, I wouldnt know how to use it anyway, but the trip, blehhh.. one day when I get a FREE tropical island I wont remember you either :P

Sekibuhchhuak said...

I phone thar chu,iHTC ani maw :-P Tunlai chu i- hi an uar lutuk a. Tak takin, a nalh ve, ka duhve hle mai.

Japan i thlen hunah chuan, min rawn hre reng lem duh suh. An nula thlalakte i rawn post chuan a tawk mai (haha)

Mos-a said...

Android phone hi ka thianpa thianpa in a nei ve. So there!

Hawrtokyo lek hi ni lo maw I kalna tur. :D

Unless you post a pic you standing atop Mt.Fuji I won't believe that you've gone to Zapan!

Alej - mi blog leh zel ah CK suh. Sandman-an a hian CK khalh hi a duhlo teh mai ania.

Jerusha said...

Ku2 - haha to be honest with you, I still can't figure out how to add a new number/contact even after 2 days and I don't believe this type of phone is something I'm ever going to really know how to handle :( But yeah, when you get your tropical island for free, I'll try not to mind being forgotten :)

Seki - i-hi an lo ti vel elaw? Nula thlalak chu rawn dah ka tum ang, nalh hlawm tak an ni. Hei ka thian te pawh an ti ti pui tlak toh lo an nula ho in an tibuai ltk a :)

Jerusha said...

Mos - the only difference between your friend who got the android and me is that "I" got it for free :P If I post a pic of me eating Zapan zawngtah, will you believe that I've been to Zapan?

Anonymous said...

I so envy you.. Have a great trip and congrats on the new phone..
BTW, while you're there, take a nice high-res pic of this Life-size Gundam for my wallpaper:
And I wouldn't mind a Hatori Hanzo samurai too.. :p

virgochhas said...

bitch :P

a hlui ka hauh hmasak ber kha :D

illusionaire said...

hehehe... based on your previous posts, your emotions are going through one helluva cyclic extremity. :) Hope its not menopause kicking in :D just kidding, muaaah love you :)

Enjoy Japan, you. Will kill you if you don't feed me with daily dose of photograph updates once you get there. Sayonara.

And oh, don't forget, wanna see you in a nice kimono with black nylon stockings and garter belt... err... am straying too far from the topic now, aint I? Safe flight once again dear! :)

Jerusha said...

blake - Thanks! I'm back and I guiltily admit I don't have the samurai or the Gundam :( I'll get those for you happily if you send me to Tokyo though :)

Virg - hehe! I feel privileged because I've received enough 'bitch'-es in the past week. Phone hlui chu I rawn lak a ngai ang.

Jerusha said...

Kim san :P - hehe you men just love your menopause and PMS jokes! It's a good thing we women have our size jokes to counteract those :P As for your kimoni/garter belt pics, sorry to disappoint but I don't have any but I'm sure you can get those in one of those sites you visit every night.

Almost Unreal said...

oii..vereeryyy nice..lolzz

nalh topsss...min spare tur te hi an nei em in company chuan..lo zot roh? :D

Jerusha said...

hahah ka lo zawh sak ang che, mahsee a buaithlak ltk keipoh ka phone hlui ka la hmang reng mai ka khawih thiam thlois lo lol