18 February 2009

With love from Kerala

Lois Lande quickly signing in from small, tiny internet cafe in some small, tiny town in Kerala! :-) It's a shabby looking  one, and the equally shabby looking young boy minding the place just came over to tell us "Don't use Internet Explorer, please use Chrome" :-)  

I'm here for a wedding, and now wedding's over, and Macavity and I are just traipsing across Kerala. We just got to the bus station to get a bus to some town that we marked on the map, but there was only one, and it was leaving for some other town, so we're going there instead. And we have just about an hour to kill before it leaves and this is us killing some time. 

Quick word of pretense-wisdome for the day before I sign off - I have come to believe that the more I travel, the more I believe the world is eseentially the same everywhere. 

There are 'Fartuah's blooming everywhere. It's beautiful, just like Mizoram. And tons of other Mizoram-type flora. Okay, we're being kicked out. Will sign in soon again hopefully.


nohiddendepths said...

Old but gold: "Pics or didn't happen" :))

I STILL regret not having joined my friends who went 'down' there when I was in Chennai - that too, driving!

How was the wedding? I'm told that Keralite weddings are a very simple affair - that's what a friend from Chennai told me - perspectives, you know :)

And last, enzawi!

BW from lawrkhawm.com :))

/my new signature, you know "stuffs"

Macabreday said...

hey where in kerala?

Jinx said...

"I have come to believe that the more I travel, the more I believe the world is eseentially the same everywhere".
-A big Amen to this.Have fun!!

vana said...

Kerala ka kal ve chak zia chu hria la min sawm ve ang mawle :). A nuam dawn ltk. Lawngah khan lo chuang kual la, an hmun hlui ho thlalak lo post la :). Njoy girl

Lucy said...

I was gonna go to Trivandrum-Varkala-Aleppey-Cochin last week but missed the train so I went to Pondicherry instead. Going next week.
I've lived here forever and never seen kerala!

Enjoy and update with some photos.

Anonymous said...

i have been to kerela twice... and its really a nice place... the moment u enter ...its lush green everywere...thats the best part of the state..

houseboats in the backwaters of kumarakom is a new experience which u dont get at many places...also there are nice spas out there..i actually learned how to do massage out there!! lol..

then comes threkaddy and periar..if u r lucky u may see elephants in the wild...

munnar is also nice and so is the beach in trivendram..

try out the kerela paratha, appam, idiapam..


Jerusha said...

zim - It was very simple, except for the jewellery! That was amazing, I've never seen so many gold on one person at once.

Mac - pics coming soon..

jinx - I feel so wise when I travel, I'd come up with things like that. Now I have no idea what i was talking about :)

Jerusha said...

vana - A pawi mang e ka lo hre lo a, kalpui tur mipa 1 tal kan duh tehreng nen. Ka kal leh dawn chu ka rawn sawm tawh ngei ngei ang che :)

Lucy - have fun girl. Now I'm back in Hyd and all I miss is Kerala :(

zenstar - I absolutely love the food in kerala, esp the appams!

nohiddendepths said...

Yeah, right! I understand the GOLD and **** India part ;)

Guess what? All the Keralite guys that I have met have a fetish for "women wearing gold" - bahahahaha