25 February 2009

Back home again

Whew! Good to be back but I still miss Kerala! I want to post pictures but it's a friend's birthday and I have to rush home so maybe tomorrow.

During our entire journey in just 7 days - without a single short-cut plane ride - managed to trace this path:

Hyderabad -> Bangalore -> Mysore -> Wayanad -> Kannur -> Ernakulam -> Fort Kochi -> Alleppey -> Chambakulum -> Alleppey -> Palakad -> Silent Valley -> Attapadi -> Palakad -> Coimbatore -> Coonoor -> Ooty -> Bangalore -> Hyderabad

All either by bus or hired cars! Out of 7 nights, we spent only 4 in nice comfortable beds, the rest either on buses or bus stations - in transit from somewhere to somewhere.

It was pretty amazing I must say! And superfreaking tiring! The bus ride home yesterday was the longest and most uncomfortable bus ride ever - wastes and wastes of barren land with the sun schorching down mercilessly on its undernourished inhabitants and on our little bus so by the time I reached home, I was exhausted, had a killer headache, sweaty and grimy and dehydrated, all I could do was stagger into my bathroom and throw up. I think I threw up till I thought I was going to die. But I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy today, and I love being back at work!

I'm also quite happy that I got to cover some parts of Tamil Nadu, even though it was complately unplanned for because I'd never been there. So dayum! I've killed two birds with one stone :)


sawmpuia said...

khawnge aw kan tihlai in ilo zin kual vang a nih hi..nice to have you back hyderabad...zindabad

illusionaire said...

hehehe... Kerala's like my third home, right after Tamilnadu. Those were the places where I grew up gurl, glad you had fun there. Maybe one day we'll all take a joint trip and I'll show you the real Kerala and Tamilnadu. Just love those two places. 7 nights is too less, IMHO. But nevertheless you had a memorable time and thats what matters.

So you're still puking huh? When are you going to leave that habit of yours? lolz. :D

vana said...

Nula wcb. Hah tih hian a sawifiah thei dawn a mawni le, in hah dan tur ka ngaihtuah a. BTW i hrisel tha hle mai :).
At 1 time i thought you have participated in the show called- The amazing Race :).

sarah zote said...

i don't think you'll have a problem travelling the world in 80 days :p