16 June 2008

Mizo Bruce Lee

I hate to be posting only videos, but since I don't have anything better to write, plus, we have this new funny video that we made over the weekend, I think I can forgive myself for not writing. Anyway, it's not a bad video. It's about Bruce Lee - and didn't we all madly love him at some point in our lives? Or, if not the man himself, one or some of his movies?

How as a young girl I used to dream of rock-hard knuckles that would crack a walnut in the blink of an eye, and heels that were so hardened that I'd smash bricks with it with a mere impact and not feel a thing, and palms that would crush coconuts with no effort.

I would get up with my brother at the break of dawn and run out to find some roadside gravel where we could jump barefoot on. My brother assured me that that was the only path to my dreams. Then kneel and pound the gravel with open fists, so hard that sometimes I'd feel tears welling up. But I was on my way to becoming a great fighter, a true warrior, and real warriors don't cry.

And gravel was the answer to everything. Jump, jump, pound, pound - I was so determined! If that girl could see into the future and see me now - she'd be so disgusted with how I now strive to keep my my heels and my hands soft. All her efforts and all those tears gone to waste. I miss those days - doing Kung Fu with my brother while the world slept. Good times.

Anyway, here's our video. Watch - it's pretty fun. You might get a smile or two out of it.


mnowluck said...

She leaps with the music.. Bruce lee original ai pawn a nalh fe zawk.. lolz

illusionaire said...

hehehe... darthlalangah thuthleng hnunga a biru lai a va lang chiang ve :)

luliana said...

hu huu..ka va han nui nasa in ka va han lawm tak che u em..unau hmeichhe pali, in tih ang tih hrat deuh ka nei, ka nuih pui nasa thin khawp mai..mahse pasal in hmuh zawh loh phah a nge aw..;D

Anonymous said...

Nia.. pasal hi nei vat vat roh i tar hma hian :)

Jerusha said...

mnow - A direct tu hian zir emm ani :PP

kims - tih luih nih kha, I lawm nan :D

lulian - nia thil sexy ber chu ni lo lawm nula tih tan chuan, mahse sexy ngui bur sual deuh nih ai chuan sexy lo mahse hlim ila, midang tan thil sual em em ti lo ila, a dang chu Pathian in ngaihtuah turah dah tawh ila. Kan hmu zo ta lo anih leh..nangmah kha kan rawn bem rawn ang che!heheh

anonymous - A la hla e mai tar hun tur, manganthlak loh. I've just begun to live :)

azassk said...

ka lo en a,turu leh pek hle mai..HMA prog velah poh request theih turin lo in ring ru:-)

Anonymous said...

ka ran tlawh ve mai mai e...i u i sawi tak ah chuan , nangmahni tih hlauhthawn nan a thider thin i tih kha ka hre chhuak zawk. keipoh ka nau te tihthaih nasa thei ltk vel nen khan.school banah rairuang/luang in lak thiam bik vanga in bag kan ken sak thin che u kha ka hre chhuak zawk mai. kan ngaisang thei rapss che u.

Jerusha said...

azassk - hahah keini hi chu camera hma a che chi kan nia, mipui hma ah chuan tihtlak kan awm lo.

sp - riaruang kha tui theih ziaaa kha, ka bag kha I ak nasa be thin khawp mai!

Almost Unreal said...

eeeeeaaaaaaaagghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!ooooooooooooo...oo lai hi a kual koi tur a nia..a solfa chuan ka ron dah lo mai, lol

sexy bruce kee..hhahaa

sawmpuia said...

Han-a hian bruce Lee hi a kang dawn emaw ka tia...kanlo hlau lutuk a, a tawp au hi a va han ang ve..Bruce Lee thlah in ni mai lo maw? :-)

Fan number one idar he :-)

Azaia said...

he he.. hlimawm thrin ngawt mai Ku Jerusha-i leh a pawl te hi mi tihlim in thiam e..
Actor in mamawh chuan ka no kha ni nei tiraw..24/7 line a awl ania..lolzzz

Jerusha said...

unau - rawn zin la, chang ve turin kan duh hle che ni helamah.

sawmte - fan #1 I nih prove turin sunhlu zu min treat la thra ang! :P

azaia - in lo hlim pui a kan lawm. Actor chu kan mamoh reng a, mahse I number hi ka nei lo tlat a. Min rawn pe la, Mithun tur kan mamoh a :P