21 June 2008

Easy Defence Mechanism

Why do lots of us take rickshaws even for short distances which we can easily walk? Because the streets are so full of disgusting, lecherous, fat, smelly, ugly as hell, balding, foul, loathsome, sexually frustrated, despicable human beings. For this reason, I try to avoid walking, because it has ceased to be an activity that gives pleasure, but just a chance to have your ass grabbed. And it gets me all angry and stressed out. Not good for my poor heart.

Anyway, driven by extreme frustration walking home from grocery shopping some nights back, I found out a way to scare them off easy. There was this one car that kept following us, stopping once in a while to ask us "Please shall we gift you lift please?" We said no once, then ignored them altogether, but they followed us, or would run and stop a little ahead, and ask us the same thing again when we walk by.

And on what seemed like their 10th stop, asking us the same thing, I just lost my temper, I'd been taking pictures of random things on the street so I stopped and pointed the camera at them, and it was like a magic wand! They sped away superfast.

But we were still about 10 minutes away from home, and the road is lined with losers, some of who were not fast enough. But I assure you, they all sped silently away after having their pictures taken.
Now why can't they all just peacefully pass out like this nice man here and stop bothering people?
Their lives would mean so much more if they would spend their days and nights in drunken stupors since they don't seem to possess even a shred of decency to respect other human beings who are strangers, or their wives/girlfriends/moms who are waiting for them at home while they are awake and alert.

I'd die of shame if my brother, dad, or boyfriend behaved like this on the streets - leching and leering at girls. And around 50 percent of the lechers look to be around my dad's age.

Anyway, ladies, have a camera with you at all times if you're going to be out. Wouldn't it be lovely if we can figure out how to send the pictures to their wives? Or their moms who has never imagined that their pure, virginal, babied-baby acknowledges the existence of the female sex. That's evil. But I'm feeling evil today. In fact, I've been feeling really evil for a while. I'm keeping a safe distance from everyone so I don't unintentionally spoil relations while I go through this evil phase. Whew. I wish I had a gun. Where can I buy a stun gun? What's a stun gun - I assume it's a gun that stuns, but doesn't kill. I want one.


Sekibuhchhuak said...

hehe..good idea .An hlau ngawt ang chu.Khi lai a tlangval mu khian kan tlangval lai min ti hrechhuak :))

Macabreday said...

if i had a gun, i would have given it to you, or gladly done the job for you..............!!!!!!!!!!

illusionaire said...
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illusionaire said...

Hi dear Jerusha,

I have mailed blank noise project regarding this post of yours, and also submitted the link of this post as a tip to other top Indian blog sites like desipundit, mutiny.in and blogbharti.com hoping that they publish your post...

Warm regards,


Ps. Its good to have somebody like you join in our fight against eve-teasing, racial prejudice and discrimination.

Animesh Raj said...

nice idea! in fact one of my female friends has to travel a lot by bus in mumbai and has had some bad experiences...but i don't think this idea will help her much. it's sad the way people have started behaving. anyway, i will surely relate to her your experience. thanx :)

vaphualization said...

this is great, man! very good idea! jeru, i Ctrl+C'd, Ctrl+V'd your post on our website, Zogam.com. hope you wouldn't mind.

Jerusha said...

seki - I tlangval lai ti hrechhuak tu che chu, I va inhmeh lo reuh. I let ve bal thin mi a? :P

mac - Thank you. Really! :)

kims - yes boss - han tih vak ngaihna pawh ka hre lo, mood chhe ber bur khanmin ron fone ang a min rawn vin leh hlur ang e! hehe

Jerusha said...

animesh - hmm I will think of other methods that more women can use. And I feel for your friend, with all my heart. I think she needs a stun gun too :)

vaphualization - not at all, I'm flattered. Thanks!

Annie said...

this is something we've been actively doing at Blank Noise Project (http://blog.blanknoise.org) - using cameras, our own gazes, words etc. And we have also been collecting testimonials of women who have been harassed and also whoever has stood up, spoken up, fought back. The blog is also running a 'blank noise this place' campaign.
Would you agree to send us a few pics and a couple of lines about this incident? To see what I mean, please see this:

Jerusha said...

annie - I'd be thrilled to. It's something I feel very strongly about, so I'm willing to do anything to help.