14 August 2007

Who came first?

Nope. Not the chicken, nor the egg.

The question now is - Was it the hagfish or Darth Vader?


illusionaire said...

Darth Vader of course! Little hagfish copied him :)

Jer-te, please visit:

Mizo Bloggers Directory

and register there. You can enter what you like about yourself :) I am planning to make a Directory of all the Mizo bloggers. Already entered an example entry about you, but you can change it.


Nags said...


and by the way, lets do it! (in case you are wondering what the heck i am talkin about, think back to the comment you made on my blog. in case you forgot what that was, well, err.. go and check!) :P

Jerusha said...

Kim - yasi, will write myself a glowing entry. Gimme some time to think of something glowing about myself :)

Jerusha said...

nags - of course I remember, I wrote those comments in much earnestness! :)

Mydh said...

*rubs eyes* Stared at both pictures long and hard...sorry can see no similarities *shakes head in disagreement*

Jerusha said...

Mydh - too bad. Maybe I should post python vs croc vid next, that needed no eye-rubbing did it? :P