01 August 2007

Does your cup runneth over?

(er, I meant bra cups :P) If yes, I have good news for you. Yes, despite the gloom and the mundaneness of this weepy Wednesday morning, I have found something on the net to considerably cheer me and a million other women up. Which is this -

Bra scientists find formula for that

perfect fit!!

Yep, yep, am not joking!

(To be frank, I didn't even know there were 'bra scientists,' 'bra specialists' maybe...)

According to the Telegraph.co.uk, 'researchers in Hong Kong have come up with a different mathematical equation which they say will produce shapelier outlines and greater comfort..'

Also, 'the Hong Kong Polytechnic University team says that a "woman's breast is a very complex 3D geometry" and the existing sizing system may be "inappropriate in the categorisation of breast sizes for bras".'

Hear that? Inappropriate! Not appropriate, which also means unsuitable, unfitting. Hah! I knew that already, without any form of research or study done.

We poor women, through the ages (since 1953 to be exact, since bra sizes have followed a formula devised in America in 1935, according to them) have been inappropriately categorised and inappropriately clothed, or bra-ed, or brassiered, to be precise.

This must be why it is so difficult to find the right bra. This must be why you so often feel like there's a parasitic living being attached to your chest. This must be why you feel that constant constriction against your rib cage, cramping your breathing style by mercilessly squeezing your oxygen passageway and therefore turn you prematurely blue. And also why that hot new top just won't look right!

Apparently, the team uses 3D scanning. That sounds good. I already have faith in what they're hinting at. I see some light in the future, and hopefully some new reasons to go lingerie shopping some time soon in the future.

I love human intelligence. The incredible things they study, discover, learn and come up with. I mean c'mon, breasts and mathematical equations?!? I guess maths really isn't all that boring after all.


Macabreday said...

a new study shows there has been a huge increase in the number of men majoring in mathematics now

Jerusha said...

more chance of finding a bra scientist boyfriend now :P

sawmpuia said...

Ruspuii will soon conduct Bra scientist wanna be contest... and i will be in the first line. Who cares! we heard of so many idols, icon coming up lately :-)

Jerusha said...

Bra-scientist-wannabe chu tran la nangmah khan :P A hlawk duh reuh ngawt ang ka ring :)

claytonia vices said...

Cool! :)

Now lingerie shopping might just go hi-tech! :)

Jerusha said...

Clay, you poor men. I'm guessing men's underwear aren't taken seriously enough to link it to mathematical equations :P

Everyman said...

Maths sure looks more interesting now..if only they'd made questions relating to bra sizes in school.... :-D

I am sure a lot of us boys atleast would have scored higher than when answering questions related to a train moving from point A to point B!