11 December 2005

Sometime at work last year..

When the moon makes it's way across the sky
Do the stars not part to make a way?
I fancy myself not as high
But remove the barriers from my way!
Little children when they sleep
Do they not have dreams sublime?
E'en though I'm not as pure
Steal the nightmares from my sleep!
Do the flowers not dance and sway
When blows the mountain breeze at noon
Though in beauty are unmatched
Still, let me as the flowers dance..
A man condemned is read his rights
And what actions of his are deemed unjust
Explain me these shackles binding tight
A soul, whose rights were never read.
Aren't lovers free to love and build
Careless dreams and castles in the sky?
What was the sin if I dreamt alone
Or are my dreams too chained yet in steel?
If musicians are free to make music
And poets powerless to keep silent
Can I not enjoy a simple song
Without mine eyes by tears blinded?
If by fire metals yield to man's will
And by it gold made pure and beautiful
Will my burning wish to hasten to thy breast
Lend my feet the wings to fly?


Pavan said...

Kudos to you Wish for this wonderfull poem. as I told you earlier also, Its so real, close to life....and something that we all have in our minds/hearts but only a chosen can portray it....simply terrific!!

Pavan said...

This is wonderfull !!

Sundancer said...

Thanks Pav! I'll be posting the poem you wrote for me someday soon, so keep a sharp watch out..