17 December 2005

Santa's Little Punks

John P. thinks it'd be cool to own an elf, that those 'little punks' could really come in useful and that Santa's cruel (forced labor!). I don't know about elves but I sure could use some magic right now. I've been slacking off at work and there are a bunch of stuffs that needs to be taken care of before I leave for my vacation. And seeing I've got only two working days left before I vamoose, which is highly insufficient, I, sadly, will have to waste my Saturday working. I think owning an elf won't be half bad, I could make it write my reviews for me! Oh yeah, I need an elf with a Shakespearean twist! I called somebody 'dick-head' last night, and I was told that was very 'unladylike' and 'unchristianlike' of me! I agree now it wasn't very nice of me to have said that but still, it's better than keeping your feelings bottled up inside, far healthier anyway. Now if only if it was okay for me to call someone a dickhead on my reviews, it would make it that much easier to get done!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well you butthead, it is unlady like ... which means u are manlike. So how does it feel to be treated like a man? I will call u lad / bud / smiley ... aussie caloqial words. Jokes... you are a sweet genuwine loving caring fun woman. I like all those things about u. Stay real. scan23 :-B (the guy u called dickhead)