10 March 2012

A few words

Hello much ignored blog and the entire blogosphere! I feel like I've just woken up from a long sleep. I guess I've been too intoxicated with the new year and my new freedom.

Now that I'm not working, I've sort of regressed to being a teenager all over again. Being the bad, irresponsible teenager I never got the luxury to be. Now for a brief period at least, I can be all that and more. I sit on my ass all day playing video games, and go out to dance all night, and take men home to play God of War with me. It's quite exhilarating!

Having said that, I do somehow miss working and being tired and busy, those times when you stress out so much over your quarterly targets that grey hair magically pops up on your head overnight.

And I can honestly say the 6 and a half years I spent with Google were the best years of my life. You know how people always say 'Ooh those college years were the best years' etc. Not me. I don't even miss college. Maybe I miss school a tiny bit...nah, not really. But Google is like my college years for me. I am thankful to God that he put that bit in in my life. And whatever comes in the future, I will think of my time in Google fondly always. I will always miss it.

I know almost everyone thinks leaving Google is a really stupid thing to do. I would probably think that too if I was someone from outside Google looking in. But sometimes you need to take some risks and make some changes, you just can't stay in the same place just because it's warm and safe and secure there.

When I left IBM to join Google, no one ever thought that was a wise decision. Back then, Google was famous for its search engine of course but people here didn't know much about Google as an employer. And to move across the country, alone, to a city where I knew absolutely no one. Even then, I had to listen to a lot of not-so-encouraging comments about how I take too many risks for a single woman, how people in the South were, how 'lowly' the Google job profile was.

But yet, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I would never have believed the wonder I was going to be exposed to if somebody had told me then.

And sometimes, things happen in your life that makes you look at life a bit differently. Your dreams change, your ambitions shift. What makes you happy changes, and with that, we have to search for new things. New situations that perhaps doesn't look right to others but it's the only thing that feels right for you.

So this is just me taking some risks, and keeping my fingers crossed that this path will lead me down some happy roads.


Carey Suante said...

Great to hear from you again, Jerusha.

Hope you keep well.

Google is where everyone, including myself, would love to work at - so you might get one too many comments truly!

Are you in Mizoram now?

Jerusha said...

I'm very good thank you Carey! You're right, I'm getting very sick of the Google related questions :)

I'm back in Hyderabad. Just so I can have a place to dance hahah Kidding. I've got things to take care of out here so I'm here indefinitely

caribou said...

I blog i update khat hle mai. Google lama i insawn hi i tifuh takzet ani. Internet khawvelah anni aia lian an awm hleinem.

Nagalakshmi V said...

more power to you :) and, it's good to hear from you.

Zaia said...

I just could not see answers to what you left google for. Your few words reminds me of what I always ignored to think of. Perhaps it will change my path soon.. thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Good to read another, after a loong gap!
I admire you so much.

Jerusha said...

Cari - Nia hei thatchhiatna runpui in min rawn phone a. NIa hei Google chu kan han chhuahsan ta rup phawt mai a, a hrilhhai thlak letling khawp mai

Nags - Thank you! Good to hear from you too

Jerusha said...

Zaia - No thank you for reading my post. I hope you and I both find the right path soon :)

Anonymous - Comments like yours are always my favorite! yeah stroke my ego a little bit haha Just what I need right now. But in all seriousness, thank you so much!

Alejendro said...

Rawn zin daih rawh.. :-P


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