21 April 2011

Phantoma Sikret

Do you remember these?

If you do, you're ancient :-)

Macavity, clearly one of the great ancient ones loves them. So much so that she sent this email to the cigarette company after being re-introduced to these cigarettes by another great ancient soul after decades of forgetfulness -

subjectPhantom Sweet Cigarettes

Dear Phantom Cigarette Company,

We are big fans of your sweet cigarettes and were wondering if you would be so kind as to ship us a carton. We will be happy to pay for it, if you give us details of payment methods.
Or give us a list of distributors/shops in Pune/Hyderabad, so we can purchase from them directly.

Thank you



Anonymous said...

ka hre pha chiang, kan zu pawt pawt thin lolzz.. ka hlui tawh tihna.


aduhi said...

hahaha haven't seen them in decades now (Decades!!! not years!! I'm prehistoric!!)

Kan han zu der ngei a, a hmawr zum pet in.

Anonymous said...

I remember these.. and those brown "toffees" which were usually very sticky, and "chithlum mum" was actually a real sweet.. and chewing those small pellet like chewing gum called ZaZa and reading 'Misha'.. *nostalgic sniff..
BTW: Regarding Misha, found this..http://saintelmosfire.wordpress.com/2007/12/11/20/

Jerusha said...

Varte - lung a ti leng tiraw! Hlui man a ti awm deuh alawm :))

Aduh - hei email hi an rawn chhang let a, Hyderabad a an dealer phone number min rawn pe. Kan neih theih veleh biakin velah ka rawn relh ru ang che

Jerusha said...

Blakest - Misha!!!!! I had completely forgotten about them, but yeah I used to read those a lot. Do you remember Sputnik? Another children's mag from Russia. Just like Misha. Why did we get so many Russian books and mags when we were kids? Soviet propaganda perhaps? Training us to join th Red Army someday...lol

However........I don't remember Zaza at all! Do you have a picture?

John & Selina Fanai said...
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caribou said...

Hmanah kah chuan phantom-a sikret kha kan zu a, kutzungtang karah kan chep a, intithei takin meizu niawm takin kan fawp ve vel thin. A nuam thei riau. Tunah zet zawng, khang hunlai te kha a liam zo ta. I post chuan lung a tileng kher mai.

Tunah chuan Phantom-a sikret tak hi chu ka hmu ngai ta lo khawp mai a. A ang chiah chiah, a tlukpui hi chu tunlaiah pawh hian lei tur chu a awm reng, ka fa te tan ka leisak fo mai.

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Jerusha said...

Caribou - Hei ka thiannu in an company lam email a thawn hi an rawn chhang a, a awmna min rawn hrilh. Kan chah mek..ka 'zu' chak tawh ltk :)

Tanya - thank you! The blue in the hair are clip-on extensions :)
And thanks for dropping in.

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