07 March 2008


I've been tagged by Mac, and this is something I want to take up, but I've thought and thought and can't think of much so I'm going to fly through this, it won't be a work of art :P, funny or witty but at least it will be honest. Anyway, what better chance to stroke the old ego and talk about my all-time favorite subject with a reason than this tag! It's all about me!! :-)

10 things I wish I could say to people right now:

1. I tell myself I don't care what you think, but I still make an effort to make you like me.
2. Don't think you know me "that" well.
3. I feel so dumb sometimes I suffer in silence in the company of all you good, intelligent, fancy-"degree-d", multiple-"degree-d" people.
4. There are about only 5 people I can think of right now whose company I genuinely enjoy.
5. Leave me alone...sometimes.
6. The one thing that scares me most right now is that you'll stop loving me. That something I do or say will drive you away.
7. I enjoy you so much I wish we were in prison together sharing a cell :)
8. I would like you better if you would just stop throwing in those big, fancy words in your sentences.
9. I find it hilarious that just because you don't drink, or because you've never had sex, or because you don't smoke, you think that automatically makes you a better person than the people who does all or either one of those.
10. Stop staring!

9 things about myself:

1. I still cry for my dog I lost when I was in high school.
2. To borrow Nora Ephron's quote - In my sex fantasy, no one ever loves me for my mind. Unfortunately, in real life.....
3. I hate people who sleep too much.
4. A maid accidentally poured boiling water on my left foot when I was not even a year old. I still bear scars, when I was a kid, a nanny told me they were my lucky scars and I have stupidly grown up to really believe that.
4. Poetry, the smell of the earth when it rains, watching someone I love sleeping, the sound of rain on a tin roof, and goodbyes make me cry.
5. Death fascinates me. Almost as much as it terrifies me.
6. There are very few things in life I take seriously.
7. I will not bore most people, unless I do it intentionally.
8. I love white wine, and I hate rap and R&B.
9. "Well it’s time to go home, And I ain't even done with the night."

8 ways to win my heart:

(This one's difficult, I'm not sure myself, but let's see..)

1. Give me flowers. They still work.
2. Match my energy. Don't be sleepy, don't be too tired to go out, do something, sit and talk, whatever. I'm hardly ever too tired to do anything :D (At the same time, it kills me when I know you're tired and sleepy but you make an effort to talk and say things to make me happy).
3. Be on my side when I've had a fight with my mom, a friend, or a colleague. Even if I was wrong.
4. Whisper to me in an exotic language. Preferably, Italian or Persian :D
5. I am in love with The Ninja and buffalax. Make me laugh the way they do.
6. Sketch a picture of me and make me look beautiful :P
7. Let me see you broken, let me save you. There's something so intense about being the one lending the shoulder.
8. Talk with me.

Not in that particular order.

7 things that crosses my mind a lot:

1. God, my faith, heaven, and hell.
2. Joe.
3. Work.
4. Going away. I still have to figure out where 'away' is.
5. My nephew.
6. My mom.
7. My health.

In that order.

6 things I wish I never did:

1. I wish I'd never started that fight with my mom.
2. I wish I hadn't ignored my brother's texts the way I did.
3. I wish I had never used Yahoo messenger!

Can't think of anything. I have more things I wish I'd done than hadn't done!

5 turn offs:

1. Dirty teeth, dirty nails, body odor.
2. Cheap jokes.
3. Over-eagerness. Ignore me a little, that'll make me want to pursue you. (Ceases to apply after an exchange of telephone numbers or email addresses :P)
4. Men who like to talk about their money.
5. Women that don't know how to wear/walk in stilettos.

4 turn ons:

1. Compassion.
2. Good smell. Have you ever been in a lift where you can't see who it is behind you but you can smell him, and he smells so good you want to take him home even without seeing his face? A little ridiculous, but my emotions are ruled by smells.
3. A guy with a musical instrument, preferably the guitar, but anything else will do. Hot. Plain and simple.
4. And of course, a great sense of humor. Clich├ęd, but can't leave that out.

3 things I want to do before I die:

1. See the Northern lights.
2. Spend an entire winter in Alaska, in a log cabin in the woods, and then watch spring come.
3. Base jump.

2 smileys that describe me:

1. :P
2. :D

1 confession:

Losing my dog hurt more than losing my uncle (I know, I'm horrid!)



Almost Unreal said...

I hate people who sleep too much...lolzz..

same here.

would you believe some ppl who fall asleep on the actually snored inside the cab???..gosh..makes me want to pull out their hair


joe said...

I like how you did the count down.If I did it i might switch the headings a bit too make it easyer on myself. I know I dont know you good enough yet but this helps alot. Unless your faking us. LOL You must have been a very good person your hole life if you can only think of 3 things you wish you never did, i could probly write a book.:p I need too read this more and think more before I can say anymore, you know i am a slow thinker.

Valhi Rae said...

First time here!!! Very Expressive posts!!! Liked the post 'why I smile so much' :)

Nags said...

yeah.. thts what the dogs do to you.. i still think and cry for mine too.. lost him when i was 11 :(

Jerusha said...

unreal - those are the absolute worst ones, who fall asleep in public places and transports, fall asleep enough to snore!

joe - I didn't do the countdown thing, it was part of the tag. I can think of a lot of things I wish I hadn't done, but nothing I would write down in a public blog for the world to see :) AND....I don't know how to make you know me any better than you do now!

Jerusha said...

valhi rae - thank you, and thanks for dropping in.

nags - sucks doesn't it? Esp me when I can cry at the drop of a hat for a dog, the slightest memory, but I can't cry for my fellow men! LOL

Macabreday said...

so honest and straight...and thats why i wanted you to do it :)

Joseph said...

Lol lol... Why on earth is the loudiest snorer in the house is always the first one to fall asleep???

Spend an entire winter in Alaska, in a log cabin in the woods, and then watch spring come. - You're so Homer now.. :D

Jerusha said...

mac - thank you very much :)

father - I've always been Homer, I've always thought if I was male and a cartoon character, I'd be Homer. Or Peter Griffin. Nah, just Homer.

claytonia vices said...

Hmm... interesting :)