01 November 2007


I don't know if this is happening for anyone else but MyBlogLog won't let me sign in! And I just can't help but blame Yahoo. I started using it considerably less after Yahoo took over, because they made changes that didn't make sense, the overall result of which was that MyBlogLog became less user-friendly and more user-hostile.

And now, for the past several days now, when I try to log in (with the demanded yahoo account), and then it takes me to that next page where it asks you if you have an existing account, or if you're new. I go to existing account option, where I enter my old account info, then it tells me that that's already been merged, so to create a new account or something. I've tried everything, and I can't go any further than that. What am I not doing right?

I don't want a new account, I just want to access my regular, existing account.

Also, my peeps who writes me on mybloglog, since everything's been fucked nice and lovely, and I don't even get email notifications anymore, and I can't even read messages or reply, scrap me on Orkut or something, anything other than MyBlogLog.

Would also love to have some advice on bloglog alternatives...



mnowluck said...

Bloglog was cool before it merged with yahoo. Now, its not HOT nor cold, nor mild.... its irritating :D

I hardly login to bloglog these days.

I love

mnowluck said...

I love ...FEEDJIT sorry for the double post though

Jerusha said...

mnow - I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been having trouble with it, will check out feedjit, thanks!

Jerusha said...

btw - you can double-post anytime you want to, no worries!